Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A brief escape...

No, I didn’t stop blogging.

I know the lack of posts over the last few days might make you think that, but really I am here.

Or at least I am now.

You see, last week my husband and I went on a little vacation.

To Alaska.

Yup – left 115 degrees for a cool 55.

Let’s just say – I LOVED IT.

Here are some of my favorite pictures – narrowed down from the million I took

Totally ready to go back!!!


Julia Everts said...

I guess i'm seriously cool cause i'm leaving you a comment. OMGosh, you make me so jealous. I wanna go there so bad now! By the way, you should be in photography! Those pictures are incredible!

Shellee said...

Add me to the list of jealous people!
I love looking at blue ice, it's reminds me of a blue otterpop.
I'm so glad you had a great time, it's important to get away from it ALL sometimes. "ALL" meaning: the kids.
Congrats on running away for a bit.

Boy Mom said...

My dad was born in Sitka, he always insisted that his 3 or so months there made him a native.

I love the pictures. It is one amazingly beautiful place.

Christa Johnson said...

wow you are AMAZING with the camera!! You seriously have a gift! And might I say, that place they call Alaska looks a weee bit cold for my taste. (Even if 115 degrees is also a wee bit hot for my taste as well.)
Glad you got away!

Tina ♥ said...

Wow. That looks AMAZING! How FUN! That is definitely on my list on things to do. Glad you had a wonderful time! Your pics are beautiful!