Thursday, July 22, 2010

Would've never thought of this one...

So, I have always figured that getting dressed, for the day or the job, is pretty much a given.
You do it. Right?

I mean, if you have to get ready for work, you get ready. You get dressed. Obviously you can't go without any clothes on.

I would have never guessed that GETTING dressed could actually be considered part of the job itself...

Turns out, the many years I held jobs, I was being cheated of some of my pay. I should have been logging the horrible amounts of time it took me to get ready for my job.

According to MSNBC a "cop wins week off work for time spent dressing... A police officer in Germany has won an extra week off work every year because of the 15 minutes it takes him to dress for duty each day, according to reports."

Yup -- totally got time off because he felt he was owed some back pay for all the time it took him to PUT HIS CLOTHES ON.


Here's the original article. Too funny.

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Boy Mom said...

To be fair, when I'm working, at say gestating a child, I often don't get dressed. So maybe there's something to this.