Friday, August 13, 2010

No Ordinary Bread

When I was a child, I used to stare longingly at the children sharing my school lunch table. Their white bread seemed to taunt me, jeer at me. I watched from my spot, chewed on my cardboard-wheat bread. I promised myself I would always get the "regular" bread for my kids. I would love them that much.

Well, that was thirty years ago. And you know what? I buy whole wheat bread. The real stuff. Thick, dense and good for you. 

 It took a while to convince hubby of the goodness of the whole grain bread. And you know how I know?

Well, hubby and I started this elimination diet thing -- no gluten, no dairy, no nothing that has any flavor and everything that tastes like straw. Thank goodness it's only for three weeks... By that's a blog post for another day.

Anyway, hubby went shopping for all our goodies and came home with this "rice bread" for the two if us. It wasn't very long before we realized the kiddos wouldn't touch that so we needed to get them some bread for their meals. 

The next night, Hubby stopped at the store. He came home and, setting the bread on the counter, said, "Here, I got some regular bread for the kids."

I looked at the counter and had to smile. There sat thick, dense, organic cracked-wheat, whole grain bread. 

Yup, we have definitely changed our views of what's normal. 


Beth said...

I dislike Wonder Bread now! Use to love it! Wheat Bread Rocks!

How did you choose the elimination diet? Come Sept I am going to start eliminating sugar...but not all at once and mostly prepared packaged food sugar stuff!

Boy Mom said...

Well, now I feel even more guilty about the cherry Pop-Tart I just ate,LOL.

I love the heavy whole wheat bread. Have you tried it with almondbutter? TDF

heather said...

I just about started cheering and clapping when I found the "rice bread" -gluten and yeast free in the Whole Foods the other day. And I didn't bat an eye at paying 5 bucks either, I was so excited. Bread is about my number one favorite food and I haven't had ANY of it since mid- October last year.

The fake bread isn't that great, but the texture is good enough & I'm still thrilled over it!!

Laurie said...

HA HA, me too sis. Our kids will be the ones staring longingly at the white bread until they too figure out the attributes of whole grain bread.