Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tonight* our hearts are breaking.
My brother in law has passed away.
He was in his mid thirties. It was completely unexpected.
Tonight, our eyes are swollen with dry tears.
He leaves behind a beautiful, loving wife.
Four precious children.
And a multitude of people who love him.
Tonight our shoulders are weighed down with grief.
Clay was the first one to help someone in need.
His warm smile seemed to make things better.
Clay was there for us when we struggled with our children.
He was there for us when we needed to talk.
Even though Clay was my brother in law,
I have been teasing him, arguing with him and loving him for two decades as if he were my very own brother.
He has been the best little brother I could have ever hoped for.
His wife and children will miss him
His parents and siblings will miss him.
His loving family will miss him.
I will miss him.

*tonight meaning March 2, 2010