Thursday, February 18, 2010

Football, Scouts and that Infernal Puppy

R started football for the first time a couple weeks ago. Even though they haven't won a game, he seems to be having fun. The mouth guard took some getting used to --  but look at him run!

Nothing like a Pinewood Derby to inspire parents all over to pray...
"Please let the wheels stay on, please let the wheels stay on, please let the wheels stay on..."

They did. Whew! R's car even won a couple...

Because the Dad's got to help with the Pinewood Derby cars, the boys were instructed to go home and "build" a cake with their mom. R had some specific ideas and I made a quick run to Michaels for some fondant. Having never worked with it before, I asked the random shopper on that aisle for advise... turns out she was loaded with great tips -- maybe because she owns this place.

R rolled most of the fondant himself and cut out most of the pieces. I just baked the cake and pretended to direct him.

It was a fun day!

T is anticipating that any week now, he will be "Student Star". I really hope, for his sake it is soon, because he will be so disappointed otherwise. He is pretty sure that next week is his turn because this week it's a boy's turn who has a name that rhymes with his and so he figures he should be next. Anyway, he promised his teacher he would bring in a picture of him and this puppy that I swore we would never have and I have threatened to get rid of every day since.

But seriously, look at this kids face. That is 100% joy, folks. How could I ever take that infernal puppy away from her boy?


Beth said...

Oh so much fun you must have daily! All great things happening!

Emmy said...

That cake is great!!
And yes, that puppy picture is just too cute! Great shot!

Christa Johnson said...

You are an amazing photographer! Loved the updates, my son will be doing his pinewood derby race this Tuesday, so I will be praying his wheels to stay on then.
Christa Johnson

Boy Mom said...

That is one incredible cake!

I love your puppy! Way to capture the joy.

Fiauna said...

Is the joy on the kids face worth all the little doggy do-dos? My kids so want a dog, but I just can't handle the poop.