Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Treasures

Tonight I look at my sweet children with their sleepy eyes and smile at how the Lord has blessed me. I spend a fair amount of time complaining and whining about the hardships of motherhood. I realized tonight I spend too little time on its joys.

Being a mom is one of the hardest things I have done. And heaven knows that I need improvement. I pray that somehow my children will grow to their potential in spite of my weaknesses.

Moments get rough. Weeks sometimes drag on. But mostly, when I stop to think about it, I realize that the greatest blessing I have in my life is my family. And truly, as long as I have my family, I will be fine.

I used to tell my husband I would be happy living in a cardboard box as long as we were together with our family. I know he may wonder if that is true, but in all honesty, it is the family that makes the home. The sounds that fill our walls are what bring character to our home. The memories we build within the rooms are stronger than brick and mortar. And the bonds we form here, last far beyond this lifetime.

Why, then, is it so easy to set these treasures aside for things that don’t matter? Why do I feel the need to explore and create new things when what I have in front of me is more worthy of my time? I need to remember the pure joy that fills my heart when I think of my children.

I love the warm hugs. I love the goofy, mischievous smiles that can’t hide what trouble they are concocting. I love the little noises they make while they sleep. I love that, during good times, they are inseparable. And even when they fight, they can’t stay mad at each other for long. I love that when one gets hurt or sick, the others worry for them. I love the little evidences of themselves they leave behind; a toy car, a doll or Pok√©mon card.

These little beings that my Heavenly Father has seen fit to bless me with are what drive me to keep going from day to day. They are what bring a smile to my face when I feel there are no smiles left. These little children, who are growing so, so fast, are truly my joy.

Sometimes I try to breathe in every second of their happiness, their embraces, their trusting eyes. If only I could capture their hugs, giggles and smiles before they are stolen by the greatest of all thieves, Time.

So tonight, I am grateful for these five precious gifts Hubby and I have been given. Tonight I sleep well, knowing that when I am with my little family, I am right where I need to be.


Beth said...

Amen to that! I often find myself posting about my family and wonder why...well of is what I know best! Happy Sunday!

Emmy said...

Thanks for the reminder! It is so easy to get caught up in the other stuff, but really half of the other stuff I do I wouldn't even do if I didn't have kids in the first place.

Diane said...

I honestly love this post! We all spend so much time on the negatives in our lives, we forget to be truly thankful for the positives. Family is the one thing on this earth that makes my life complete. If I never realized this before, I realize it now. The precious memories are all we have left after a certain point. I am so thankful to have had the time with those I love to make those memories. I am so very blessed! Thanks for sharing your blessings with us!

Many hugs..........


pan x 8 said...

I love this post Kathy! Thanks because really the true meaning of life lies in those eyes that seem to trust our every decision!

I gave you an award on my blog! Just click on over because you really do deserve it!

Fiauna said...

While motherhood is eternal, parenting is but a short time. Before you know it, they'll be off in college, on missions, married. Life just rockets by. And you, too, will miss the smell of diapers. ; )

Anonymous said...

those moments are tender mercies I swear it!

I heard in conference that the time you actually have your children is only 1/4 of your life... keeping it in that perspective has helped me, I am not kidding LOL

Teanne said...

Thank you for that, Kathy. I know a lot of moms complain (I'm one of them) and have hard moments and days. It's so easy to think of the hard times but it's so much worthwhile and uplifting to think about the good times. Even if I have a bad day and my kids have been cranky, if I think back to one time that my baby laughed or a nice hug from my little girl or something funny my 4 yr old said it makes the whole day worth it b/c the good moments out way the bad. I love being a Mom! It is SO worth all the hard times.
Who would've thought you'd love someone so much or 5 someone's so much? I never imagined the love would be this strong.
Oh, and thanks for your comment about my daughter. I think she's beautiful too. :) My sister made a smilebox slideshow recently so I thought I'd try it this time. You just click on the link, it's real easy- and it has some cute stuff. said...

I think I'm going to go snuggle my Gracie and hubby tonight.