Monday, May 18, 2009

Looking for a little dialog...

Keeping party politics aside, let me know what you think about this...

Apparently, in the past, Pentagon briefings were headed with quotes from the bible. Now, with the new administration, the quotes have been removed for fear of offending someone.

You can read the story here.

So who is right? The one who quotes scripture before meetings or the one who removes it?

Should people really be offended if someone quotes scripture? Should they be offended if the scripture is removed?

Does it violate the division of church and state or is it an expression of freedom of religion to quote scripture?

If we were to expand this issue to other areas in life, what would it mean? Are we doing ourselves a favor or disservice by removing all references to God?

At what point does it go to far -- in favor or against -- in expressing religious views in a public or government setting?

Speak up! There are no rights or wrongs here... I want to know what you have to say


Diane said...

In my opinion, the first thing that should be understood is that the idea of separation of church and state may well be manifested in the Constitution, but it is not a straight forward law of our government to provide for separation. Having said that, I do realize there are others with differing viewpoints than I.

From the time I can remember, we have been known as a Christian nation. If we are a Christian nation, then why would someone consider it offensive to read Scriptural quotes on our documents?

Of course, that assumption can no longer be made since President Obama spoke before the government and people of Turkey, and the world, and openly denied that the United States is a Christian nation. According to him, we are not a Christian nation, rather a nation of Christians, as well as other religions.

In my way of thinking, that has always been so. We chose to acknowledge ourselves as a Christian nation because of the Christian principals our founding fathers set forth when forming the new nation.

To me, it doesn't matter what party is in power. What matters is that the individuals who represent that party make a stand for what is right. Why do people now have such a great problem with identifying that sense of right and wrong or of identifying themselves as 'Christian'? It is a mystery to me.

Am I offended that these Scriptural references were removed? No, because I never knew they were there in the first place. However, it does not surprise me; either that they were there or that they are no longer there.

President Bush, for all his faults and failures, was openly proud to be a Christian and openly wnated to lead our country in a Christian pathway.

President Obama seems to be the opposite. I'm not saying he isn't a Christian, just that he doesn't seem to be proud of that fact and is afraid he will be offensive by proclaiming himself as such. That bothers me.

I think President Obama has so much opportunity before him to make history. I pray he doesn't squander that opportunity by being afraid at every turn. Even moreso, I pray he is the man of faith he professes himself to be and will gain his footing and find the strength to openly acknowledge that faith before the world.

Otherwise, I do have grave fears for the future of our nation and our people.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinions! Interesting subjects you have introduced, to be sure!

Many hugs.......


Emmy said...

When our founding fathers put in the separate church and state thing in the Constitution it was not to keep religion out of schools, work, etc it was to ensure that we would not get a situation like in England where the church ruled the land and the church had all the power and say. That is what they wanted. George Washington even said something along the lines of, if it ever gets to the point where the people in charge have no religion/take it all out, he feared for the country.
It just annoys me so much that if those who have religious beliefs and convictions express their feelings than they are being prejudiced and bigots and whatever else you want to call.. but when the other minority side expresses and oppresses us with their views than it is all in the name of progress.

heather said...

Okay. I didn't read your links. I'm on a time limit here, but to this topic in general, I think we need more people (like Miss California recently) who are willing to just stand up for their beliefs, who WILL allow their religion to be an active and visible part in their life.

Beth said...

Oh this is a hot topic..
Being a teacher... I think the worse thing that happen to the education system is that we took away prayer. That being said, I am not offended in the least that Scripture reading was taken out of meetings. We are an open country and I think that is what makes a great. I am a Christian...but I also appreciate the religions of others...Judiasm, Hinduism, Islamic.. I think we all have high powers...God and I think that is what is important. I think there is a time and place to celebrate my beliefs and I do that... and I do talk about my beliefs in all sorts of places...including work...

Square Root of Family said...

In my mind it would depend on whether the prior scripture reading element was just for show or really meant something to anyone participating. Perhaps rather than taking it away, they could have added in scripture from other religions as well if they were concerned?

Anonymous said...

I think I am tired b/c I just want this whole earthly thing called Life to be over. i want to be w/ my Savior again, where He rules this earth and the people in it. I hate extremes of anything and this kinda stuff really bugs the tar o0ut of me. Can we all just stop being offended? I hate that it happens and think people who choose to be offended are selfish and immature.

how's that LOL

Fiauna said...

I do believe in the separation of church and state in that one cannot be forced to worship. I don't think that referencing God, scripture, or religion constitutes forcing one to worship. However, suppressing one's rights to express religious views, pray, or quote scripture is forcing one NOT to worship, which is unconstitutional. We should respect other's religious view, no matter what they be (as long as they do not cause harm or promote illegal activities)--"let them worship how, where, or what they may." said...

I can't even get myself started on this one because just thinking about it makes my head want to explode with fury. (yeah I know I need to calm down about it)
What about me?? I'm offended that they took the scriptures out. Now who is going to appease me?
I agree with what has been said already and I better just leave it at that.

Clay said...

Well, the only problem with this article is that it is quoting the original article from GQ magazine ( that is actually about how Rumsfeld included the scriptural quotes in his briefings for a 2 month period in 2003, and then discontinued it after offending people in HIS OWN administration. This article has nothing to do with the current administration, since the practice was implemented and then discontinued shortly thereafter by Rumsfeld six years ago. The fact that it was revealed by a GQ columnist recently shouldn't reflect in any way on the way people view this administration. In fact, it seems unfair to make those assumptions from this article.