Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Send your Red Envelopes!!!

In response to the cranky email I received from some one I don't know,

This IS my business. Trying to make a small difference in the attitude of my country. Standing up for what is right. Standing up when I can't sit down...

If this project saves ONE baby's life, we will be successful. If it saves more, it will be nothing other than a miracle.

Thank you everyone who pitched in and helped send envelopes. My children and I sent our envelopes last night for Family Night. It was fun to see all my kids working together for a common goal. And maybe the little dragon that B drew on the envelopes will touch the heart of someone.


Diane said...

I have my envelopes ready to go. Will be in my mailbox when the mailman comes. I am sending only 25. I wish I could have done better, but with the price of postage, envelopes and such and with my husband's recent passing and the susequent cut in my income, this was all I could manage. I know the Lord will bless my few, but pray many others with more resources are good stewards and send many, many more! And, yes, you are right; it is MY business and yours and every citizen of this country when our government wants to take our tax money and murder innocent babies! As long as I have breath in my body, I WILL stand against this outrage! Have a great Red Envelope Day!!!!


S'mee said...

I always think it hilarious when it's "patriotic" or "dutiful" to vote this way or that as long as we agree, but wholly "un-American" and/or "Communist/Socialist/Moral(my favourite argument) or ...shove your religion/ideal/faerytale down our throats!" if we disagree.

Here's to being disagreeable American voters today! Time to revolt ladies, time to throw tea bags in the harbour, time to stand for something!

Fiauna said...

So cool. I hope it teaches some lessons and changes a few minds.