Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Home Teacher

I love our family’s home teachers. Brother H comes faithfully every month with his 18 year old son. They are both so humble and we feel the Spirit of the Lord each time they come. It is truly a treat to have them come by. I love Brother H and his family. I am always grateful for his effort in helping our family. I will never forget the feeling that came into our home in December as he read a touching Christmas story. Hubby and I were in tears, somehow, the kiddos were quiet AND still… it was a wonderful feeling and typical of his visits…

Flash forward a few months…

This weekend was bad for me.


Maybe I could blame it on PMS. Maybe I could point the finger at the out of town days Hubby was having. Perhaps I could even assign the fault to my sweet, unsuspecting children.

But when it comes right down to it. I was just plain grumpy. Tired and worn out. Emotionally, physically – you get the idea.

So, when my good husband called on his way home from church, only minutes after we had arrived home ourselves, and told me we would be having home teachers in a few minutes… I wasn’t very nice about it. At all.

The kids were hungry (the older ones from fasting, the younger just because they are ALWAYS hungry). The younger ones especially needed to eat. I was getting my “cranky-hungry-PMS-not-enough-sleep” headache and I could tell it was going to be a doozy.

I slapped some food on the table for the two youngest children just as our good home teacher and his son were arriving. In his good natured laugh, he asked if Hubby had told me he was coming. And do you know what I said??? Do you know what this “know-better-than-that” mom said?

“He told me a minute ago – now he is instructed to check with me first.” Noticing how rude it sounded, I tried to cover up with how hungry the kids were, or something pathetic like that.
And it all came out worse.

Later that night, our home teacher had to drop off some keys that he had borrowed from hubby. Hubby, who had already left town for another week of “business building”.

He asked if Hubby was already gone. I said yes. Then, just as sweet as he always is, my home teacher said… “If you need anything…” Finishing his sentence for him, I promised I would call him. And you know what? My home teacher would help.

Suddenly, as lonely and hard as it has been while hubby travels, I felt comfort. Knowing that the Lord has a plan in place to help take care of my family while Hubby is away. I suddenly felt safer and more calm. Knowing that help was just a phone call away.

And that little sliver of peace is what I needed. I needed to know that there was a faithful priesthood holder willing to step in when necessary. I needed to know our family was being watched after, prayed for and loved. And I can’t thank Brother H enough for his kindness, as insignificant as he may think it is. I am comforted knowing that he really would help if I needed it. It was as if he opened my door and let a legion of angels in to guard our family.


Diane said...

Now, isn't that just like God? To send us some angelic human to bless us in spite of ourselves?! I'm so thankful you are feeling better and more secure while Hubby travels. Your post was a blessing to me!

Many hugs........


Heidi said...

Your week sounds like mine. It is hard to recoup those hours of lost sleep, the harder work it is to keep everyone entertained and not thinking about missing their daddy, the endless days and no break in sight of someone else to answer the demands of the ever demanding kids. I feel ya. It is a wonderful plan that we have a ward family in place to step in if we need it but it is so comforting just knowing they are there. I actually did have to call upon a sister that I visit teach to watch my kids for a night. I really trusted her when it came right down to it and when I needed help with my kids. Hang in there for another solo week--but remember, you aren't alone:)

Fiauna said...

I always roll my eyes when my hubby "schedules" home teaching directly after church. But, I guess, really I'm just glad he goes and does the work. When the home teachers come over? Well, my kids are so good at being loud and obnoxious it usually scares them right back out the door.

I hope your week goes better.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I love this. I don't know HOW many times My Man calls me to tell me someone will be over in a few minutes.

And I'm rarely nice about it.

I have a lot to learn from you, lady.