Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Church Today

I wish I had some great remarks on today's great meetings, instead, you get this:

I was asked to give the benediction in sacrament meeting today. I forgot. YUP. Bishop and Hubby were on the stand giving me a weird look -- after all I was only five rows in front of them. I couldn't figure out why they kept staring so strangely at me. It wasn't until the Bishop got up to say the prayer that I remembered I was supposed to be doing that. SO. EMBARRASSING!

My friend stopped me in the hall today. She had to share the sweet things my children had been saying the day before in their ladybug hunt. We live right across the street from a greenbelt -- full of ladybugs this time of year. My friend was out watching the neighborhood kiddos playing when she heard my 9 year old son say "Hey look, there are two ladybugs stuck together. They are DATING."

Quickly, my 6 year old son piped up, as all the children gathered round, "They aren't DATING, they are MATING!"

The rest of the lady bug hunt was spent finding two stuck together. Um, yeah.

Lastly, we were discussing in Primary Sharing Time today about the different hats a mother wears. Our primary president was trying to explain that she was wearing a "Primary Presidents" hat. She went on to describe all sorts of hats, then added that the Primary Chorister was wearing a "Music Director's" hat. Then, selecting a teacher in the room, asked what kind of hat is Sister O wearing. Her son (11), who was sitting on the other side of the room, without skipping a beat answered, "A Halo"

Yup. Great Day!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

I love it when KIDS come out and say just what is on their mind! Except when it was MY child, in Church, IN the mike, just when the minister asked her if she learned anything that week. She announced that she learned her MAGINA would get a lot bigger! SHe was 3!
Gotta love 'em.

Oh, and YOUR Church episode today? I couldn't stop laughing!

Have a great week~

Jill said...

That's great, kids say the most wonderful and unexpected things! I keep a journal that is just for the funny things my kids say and do. I haven't used it as much since I started blogging, because now all that funny stuff ends up on line. I just don't want to forget a single funny moment because they'll be gone too fast. Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

Dating/mating ladybugs, halo hats and forgotten prayers all in one post! It just doesn't get any better than this! I love to read your posts and enjoy a quiet chuckle or a big, loud laugh!!! God bless you!


John's Arts & Crafts said...

"Out of the mouth of Babes" sounds like you live near the Farm belt where the old past gov. imported Asian ladybeetle to take care of Aphids. Big Mistake they should have used local species.
New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

That Girl in Brazil said...

"Two bugs stuck together" -


Still giggling.

Fiauna said...

What I think is funny is that your 6-year-old clarified dating vs. mating to your 9-year-old. Funny.

S'mee said...

Great post! ( and btw, I have forgotten a time or two, yup embarrassing, but could be worse)
Ah the mating of lady bugs! Lovely! (pun intended!) It's kind of cool that someone knew what they were indeed doing. That will come in handy when someone is up at bat for learning *more* about what birds and bees do. Less funky more natural, "hey it's kind of why we're here" kind of introduction into what can be a sensitive chat.