Monday, March 16, 2009

Needing One Another

Our whole life is about being around people, about needing people. We thrive on relationships, receive energy from interpersonal interactions and grow from sharing challenges with others. God designed our lives this way. He set it up so that we would come as infants to a family where we would be raised taught and nurtured. How is it then, that so much can go wrong and change this plan so completely? How does it happen that an individual can become so unsupported and alone?

I remember as a child going to the visitor center down at the Mesa Temple and watching short, inspirational films. One such film was one put out by BYU called Cipher in the Snow. It was a story of a young boy who literally faded into the next life without being noticed in this one. It struck such emotion in me that I have never forgotten the story.

I struggle when I hear people talk about co-dependency: defining it as needing other people for support. I think there lies a fine line between co-dependency and interdependency.

We are called upon to bear one another's burdens; stand with those in need and lift up the hands that hang down. This doesn't sound like a life that is meant to be lonely.

We need people. We need to be loved. Wanted.

I need to hear my hubby say he loves me. I need him to look at me "that way." I need a hug or smile from a friend. And, if I were only to receive negative comments, all day, everyday, it would break me. I don't know how to be any other way.

What do you need? What do you give to those who need you?


in time out said...

I seriously needed to read you this morning. I just posted about a visitors center...and reading you...someone who understands my day today...the place to be...needing someone to understand...thanks for writing. This is beautiful

Jillene said...

A listening ear, a kind word, a hug or just to be their friend.

Becky said...

I taught the Miamaids yesterday and the lesson was on self-reliance. I spent fifteen minutes teaching them to take responsibility for their own actions and to become self-reliant. And then I took a few minutes to remind them that just because you could do it on you own, you shouldn't isolate yourself. If that were the plan, we'd each have been sent to our own little planet. We need each other to grow and be happy.

Great post.

That Girl in Brazil said...

NO man is an island, eh? Or woman.

I need touch. I would wither and die without daily hugs, kisses, and carresses.

I need validation. I need to hear that I'm appreciated and needed.

I need understanding. I need my loved ones to know me - and I need to know them.

I need intimacy. I need to be connected on a spiritual, deep level.

I need people, too.

Fiauna said...

I need validation, and support, support, support. I need my own cheering section. I would like to say that I offer that in return. I need to be seen and heard, and promise to look and listen, too.

Melissa said...

What a great message! I think the one thing that I always love to receive from others is just a simple smile.

heather said...

i completely agree. we were put here together to help and love each other.