Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am the BIG sister and I am allowed to embarrass you!

When I was 5 I had this awesome doll. She was the apple of my eye, the reason I got up in the morning, the very best doll in the world. Her name was Lori. So, when instead of a baby brother, my baby sister was born, my parents were caught off guard and needed help picking a name. Naturally, I offered up the best name in the world. Because that little wriggly thing in my mom’s arms was pretty much as cute as my baby doll. Well, since the name for a boy would have been Larry, my parents figured Lori would be a great alternative. But then they threw me a curve ball and spelled her name Laurie. My sister insists that her name is pronounced LAW-RY. I just remind her I named her and I can pronounce it how I want. LOR-RY.

That was 31 years ago. THIRTY-ONE! I can’t believe my little baby sister is 31. And I imagine that no matter how old she gets, I will think of her as my little baby sister. After all, I did help raise her. And, being 5 years older, I was much, much more world savvy than she.

So, today is Auntie L’s birthday. And I want to tell you a little about this girl. Aside from being the blond, blue-eyed beauty that I always envied, she was born with the gift of song. Some people have skills and some people have a gift. My sister has both, making her sound like an angel when she sings. I was always jealous of that too.

She has an amazing smile, with a dimple of course. The dimple, however, didn’t arrive until she was 3 and fell off her bike onto a stick. It poked through her cheek, leaving the most natural looking dimple scar that there ever was. It was as if Heavenly Father said, “Ooops, meant to get that in there earlier”

But, my sister’s talents, beauty and smile don’t define who she is.

With my parents being older when they raised us, there were a lot of things Laurie had to deal with that most people don’t have to. She watched my dad’s Alzheimer’s get bad and even helped take care of him. She was so patient with him and my mom in their older age… much more than I could ever have been. She showed a maturity beyond her years – and most people – when dealing with them. I was always touched when I saw her interact with my dad. She never seemed to be put off by the nursing home smells that made me so queasy. She was kind to everyone at my dad’s home, where I felt so uncomfortable, I just wanted to run and hide.

She has the kind of personality that makes you comfortable. She doesn’t judge and she warms your heart with her smile. She is tender, kind, loving and good. She always wants to do the right thing. And she is a good mommy. Whether she thinks so or not, she is a good mommy because she is a good example of what a person should be. Her children will never doubt that they are loved. She has faith, pure and strong. She knows her Savior. She believes in Gods plan. That faith is what will see her through the many trials she has.

So, just so you all know… I love my baby sis! I am blessed to have her in my life. And here’s to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE (pronounced LOR-RY)

Hope you enjoy a few photos of one of my favorite people.

Gotta love those cheeks! Even without the dimple.

This is who my parents saw...

This is who I saw... :)

Notice the adorable dimple is now showing up on her right cheek.

Always performing for someone... I could do without the feather though...

Um, Yeah... I know. She is GORGEOUS!

New Mommy!

The fact that she took time to put a little yellow flower in her baby's hair just gives you insight to Laurie's sunny personality.

Again with the killer smile!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. It shows what a tender loving mommy my baby sis really is.
Happy Birthday Laurie!


Beth said...

Kathy what a nice tribute...she is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your sister!

Crystal Mason said...

That was a special tribute, she is pretty and yes a nice smile. Happy Birthday L

Jillene said...

What a beautiful Birthday Tribute to your beautiful sister. Happy Birthday!!

threehappyhansens@yahoo.com said...

Thanks for being the big sis every girl dreams of having! Oh yeah and thanks for making me cry...on my BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!

Bee and Rose said...

What an awesome birthday tribute!!! I miss my sister now!!!

Melissa said...

What a sweet post for your sister's birthday! Hope she has a Happy Birthday! Cute photos!

Fiauna said...

So cute. Want to know something? My hubby has the exact same "dimple". He fell down a flight of stairs and landed on a book press, putting a bolt through his cheek. The scar looks just like your cute sister's.

Happy Birthday, Lawry!