Monday, March 23, 2009

I am Home

It is so much fun to go on vacation. Fun to get away and visit new places, see new sites. Whether we are vacationing with extended family or exploring all the sights & sounds of a theme park, it is just plain fun.

And then we come home.


The place where I belong. The place where I am comfortable. And, no matter how relaxed we got or how much fun we had, there is nothing quite like stepping into your own home. It is familiar and welcoming. It fills me with happiness, knowing that I am where I should be.

My favorite is walking into the house barefoot when we come home from vacation. Most times, before we leave, we clean. That means clean tile floors. So when we get home from vacation, they are still clean. Untouched. I love how it feels under my feet.

After vacation, everything looks better. Feels better. Even smells better. I love climbing into my own bed; it has never been more comfortable. I love the colors on my wall; I realize I did a pretty good job picking them out. I love the sound of my children quickly filling the walls of my home with their laughter – and even tears.

I am home.

I imagine our life here on earth is like an extended vacation. Of course we can’t remember what it was like before we were born. But I envision that when we finally return home, it will be a little like coming home from vacation.

We will look around and feel comfortable. Welcomed. We will feel as though we are where we belong. We will notice how it looks, smells and most importantly, how it feels. We will remember how much we loved and missed that place called Heaven.

And we will be home.


Diane said...

Oh, I so agree with your thoughts regarding our heavenly homegoing! What a blessing to finally breathe that sigh of relief to be home....with our Lord and our loved ones! Great post!


Beth said...

I love the correlation of our now home and heaven! Nice post!

Jillene said...

What a great post!! So true, so very true!!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Such a beautiful post! My girls always made fun of me because I would make everyone clean before we left for vacation~ but is is so nice to come home to a clean house!

I'm glad you're home!

Fiauna said...

Yes, we will be home. But will we have to unpack and do a life-time's worth of laundry?

Becky said...

What a good reminder - that our time here on Earth is kind of vacation time and we're waiting to go Home. I love your insights!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Okay. That made me cry. said...

I love home. It is so true. VEry good analogy. I will use that sometime.

Huston Family said...

I love home too. Even if it's messy and noisy. In fact that's the best time, cause that means everyone is here, safe and sound. There's a certain peaceful feeling when all the kids have come home from thier various activities, the little ones are put to bed, the big ones are reading, dad's typing away at the computer, and I sit nursing my sweet baby in the rocking chair. What could be better!