Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You want me to do 200 WHAT???

Would you please do 200 sit-ups? How about eat 200 brussels sprouts? Can you wash the car 200 times?

"No," you say? How about 200 posts????

Hey Yeah!!! I did that! Today!


So, in honor of my hubby who very lovingly pointed out “imagine what else you could have been doing 200 of – instead of blogging!” (Don’t worry girls, he is a keeper. He just had a temporary lapse of judgment) I bring you my 200th Post Grand Slam Contest.

OK here is the deal. You, my readers, are in cahoots (do people still use that word) with my children.

Post a comment suggesting something you think I should have to do 200 repetitions of (ie: do 200 situps).

My kids get to pick which entry they like the best (I will video record the picking process and post it)

Once they pick the one they like the best, I have to actually do that thing -- right then. Yes, there will be pictures to post or a video – depending on how brave I am. Hey, and I am hoping you will all be nice – no running 200 miles or anything, K?

So that is it! You have until Saturday March 28th 9:00 am (MST - no DST) to post… Come up with something good. But please be G rated. Let’s see how creative my readers are!

Just as an FYI, people who live in the same house with me can enter as many times as they would like, but the entries will not be considered for the final entry. :)


Jillene said...

I am racking my brain to try and think of something really about 200 jumping jacks on your tippie toes.

Beth said...

I got it I got it... 200 burpees
(down out in up) Down to a squat, kick your legs out to the back so you are in a push up pose, back in to a squat and back up to standing
BURPEE...down out in up!
(PS: I could probably maybe do 5!)

Salsa Mama said...

OK, mine is nice. How about name 200 blessings? I know, cheesy, but it sounds good to me!

Tim Penrod said...

Play 200 rounds of Rockband with your kids.

Melissa said...

What a fun idea! Let's see.....How about baking 200 Cookies!

The Mama said...

This is a FUN idea! Let me think.. I think you should kiss each kid and your hubby 200 times, lol. That's a lot with your brood. Hmm, let's see.. I agree with Melissa, 200 cookies, or some time of snack food, brownies maybe?

S'mee said...

200 spontaneous hugs to people out in public somewhere (like the free hugs people)

200 hubby kisses?

200 bubbles from bubble gum.

200 mile trip with the kids and hubby to somewhere fun over a weekend.

Collect 200 $1.00 bills from people and donate that money to the Perpetual Education Fund, or purchase animals to donate to Heifer International.

Go Urban Commando and plant 200 seeds someplace in your community that deserves a little beauty.

Either way, 200 congratulations on your special post! I think this is an awesome project! wooohooo!

Erin said...

200 (small) spoonfuls of ice cream.

Write the words "thank you" 200 times on a piece of paper.

Blink your eyes 200 times, as quickly as you can.

That's all I've got! Happy 200th post!

Tim Penrod said...

Eat 200 raw oysters

Take 200 small tubes of toothpaste and dissolve them in a bath full of warm water and then soak in it for 200 minutes.

Tim Penrod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tim Penrod said...

Go 200 days without blogging, or eating, your choice. :) said...

I'm thinking....I"ll come up with something good. No toothpaste bathing though. That's disgusting. I'd rather run 200 miles.

Rhonda said...

I was all with Tim on the first comment and then he totally lost my support with the raw oyster idea.


So, how about 200 compliments to the kids...just because?! Or, 200 sloppy kisses...or as my kids called them; "Hollywood" kisses. Not like THAT....just goofy and all made up to look dramatic.

Fun times.

Congratulations on your 200th post.

Tim Penrod said...

Due to the rules of this contest (which I might add were changed after the original post for some reason) stating that ideas from people living in the same household not being considered for the final entry, I'm happy to announce a new prize: A round-trip vacation for 2 for anyone who lives outside of the author's household and is willing to post the following idea as their own:

"Take 200 small tubes of toothpaste and dissolve them in a bath full of warm water and then soak in it for 200 minutes."

:) Take that! :)

Real Mom, Real Life said...

So obviously, my dear sweet hubby is OUT OF CONTROL!

Just because I am freakishly grossed out by toothpaste....

So, if you turn your back on me and claim his idea as your own, then at least demand tickets to Greece -- or somewhere exotic -- then take me!

Sweetie, I am setting the hide a bed up for you! :)

Fiauna said...

I was going to suggest making 200 cupcakes and them handing them out to 200 people. That just doesn't seem original enough. But, that's all I've got.

Congrats on 200 post. You rock!

Diane said...

Pick 200 people randomly from the telephone book, call them up and tell them to have a blessed day!

Happy 200th Post! And, btw, I missed commenting on yesterday's post regarding LOR-RY, so Happy Belated Birthday. LOR-RY!!!!

Many hugs.........


Bee and Rose said...

What a fun contest! Congratulations on 200!!!

I like the 200 hugs idea up there! Or how about a 200 comment marathon!!!! Whoa! That would take days!

I think you should collect 200 $1.00 bills! (Yeah, it's all about the money for me! lol!)

Boy Mom said...

It's almost Easter, I think letting your youngest child feed you 200 jelly beans would be fun.

I really like Smee's ideas, she's so fun!

Jill said...

Blow 200 bubbles (soap, not gum)

Write 200 short poems

Draw 200 butterflies

Walk down the street using 200 GIANT steps

Tell your fam you love them 200 times

sharpen 200 pencils

eat 200 M&M's (are you still doing the no-chocolate thing?)

Clip 200 finger and toenails. (that's 20 per kid... 100 total... you just need to find 5 more kids :)

name 200 things you're thankful for.

Ok, that's all I have for today. I may sneak back and add some more! :)

Deb said...

How seriously brave of you to allow your kids to choose from this magnificent list to which all of us readers have posted!!

Here's my suggestion:

Count out 200 M&Ms....then divide them up amongst anyone you choose and commence eating!
For every TEN M&Ms a person eats, that person must do FIVE jumping jacks (to help get ride of the calories from the M&Ms, of course!)

:) I think it might be fun to see a bunch of jumping kids...'cause I know you'll share those M&Ms! Eating 200 all yourself might leave one with a tummy ache, for sure!

nikkicrumpet said...

Congrats on the 200th post. I'm laughing at your hubby's suggestions. I notice he threw in "go 200 days without blogging" Doesn't he realize that would be considered torture!!! I'd rather be water boarded than not blog for that long! I think you should get to pick 200 chores for him and the kids to do! I'm PRETTY SURE this one won't get chosen hehehehe

Our Crazy Family said...

Okay--I got it, 200 Letters to the Red Envelope Project--you don't have to handwrite them though--that would be torture. p.s. if you figure out how to print the red envelopes w/ the messages--let me know so I can do it too! Congrats on post 200!

wenderful said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree that you're brave to let the kids pick for you.
Let's see. How about taking a 200 minute nap. That sounds good to me.
Or my son said you should jump 200 times on the trampoline.

Rhonda said...


It is all too tempting to throw you under the bus. Especially when a trip "home" is at stake. Oh well, I had no idea about your fear of toothpaste, and seeings how I want to keep you as a friend...I best not suggest it.

I love the cupcake suggestion of the bloggers from bloggy land did that last year as a wonderful service to others. I believe she made 100 and passed them out to unsuspecting kind people.

Can't wait to see what your kids choose.

Reese said...

Ohhh, you could floss your teeth 200 days in a ROW! I know, we should be doing that anyways, but a ridiculously busy (& tired) mom, flossing always makes it to the very bottom of my to-do list at the end of the day. So lets see if you can do it - and then blog about it too! :D said...

oh crud!!!! It's Monday.
I totally forgot.

So here it is just for fun. Feed 200 stingrays! ;)