Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loving 'W'

Ok – so my bloggy friend S’mee is playing this game… started by her bloggy friend… who got started from her bloggy friend. So it really is quite a bloggy friendly game.
Basically, you get a randomly assigned letter. Then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.

I got ‘W’ – here we go!!! (this was hard, by the way… thanks S’mee ;-))

1. Wonderful World of Disney! This is totally the first W word(s) that came to mind. And really? Can you beat it?
2. Washington. Only lived there for a few months, but entirely beautiful
3. Waking up to giggling children.
4. Water! Water! Water! Not necessarily drinking it, just being in it. I think I might have mermaid ancestors.
5. Warm feet. My feet are always cold and when they finally warm up, I am so happy.
6. Webbs. Hey, "Webb" is my maiden name (should I put that on a public blog?) And I totally love all Webbs. We are good folk!
7. Wet baby kisses. The kind when they are so little and they don’t have teeth and they just open up their mouth really wide and put their slobbery mouth on your cheek… so cute… Of course then you have to deal with baby spit, but totally worth it.
8. Winding down the day – ok kind of lame. But I do enjoy the end of the day when everyone is asleep and it is quiet.
9. Wobbly legs on new walkers. You know, the little toddlers that are trying to learn to walk. So adorable.
10. Waves. Decidedly a new love (thanks to our Hawaii trip) waves are (or can be) such a peaceful sound.
If you want to play along, leave me a comment and I will randomly assign you a letter!


Erin said...

sounds like fun...send me a letter.

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Ok -- Erin, your randomly chosen letter is....


(Bekah chose it off our word whammer on the fridge :)

queenbee4 said...

oohhh this is hard... When I played, I got "F"... I had to be creative with that one.

Bee and Rose said...

Wow! That was weally wonderful work with words! lol!

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Well, Queenbee, if you are up for another run... your letter is "o"

Bee & Rose, if you would like to play, your letter is "f"

Have fun.

Boy Mom said...

Very creative!

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for playing.

S'mee said...

WoW! Wonderful Work Real MoM! (which has two *W*s if your turn it upside down!) Thanks for playing! said...

I want to play!

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Alright Laurie -- You have "E"

Have fun!