Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Digestive what?

So I am out with the girls -- having a little girl only time. Quite fun.

There were actually quite a few highlights to the trip.
But only one gets blogged now.

We were eating at a buffet and enjoying a varity of yummy foods. Among them was this cookie my sister-in-law and sister pointed out.

Yup -- you read that right.


So tell me, exactly what goes through a persons mind when he (because it couldn't be girl that created this) decides to market this cookie?

And what exactly IS a digestive biscut? And WHY is it on a buffet?

That's all I have to say.



Reese said...

Perhaps some of the food you ate wasn't meant to be eaten by humans and the "digestive biscuit" is their kind way of helping you "pass" some of the funk you just ate. It's very kind of them to consider your GI track. Best of luck! :)

Tim Penrod said...

A digestive biscuit, sometimes referred to as a sweetmeal biscuit, is a semi-sweet biscuit or cookie, popular in the United Kingdom, in other Commonwealth countries, in the Republic of Ireland and in Greece. The name "digestive" derived from the belief that they had antacid properties due to the use of bicarbonate of soda when they were first developed. Frequently dipped into tea or hot chocolate, because it dissolves quickly.

S'mee said...

Although both of the above answer could be true, I actually laughed out loud to the one from Reese. Tim's may be true, but hey, Reese, you have a sense of humour I can go to lunch with....and eat a nice digestive biscuit!

Synergy Girl said...

Hi there...saw ya on mormon mommies....okay, so my theory is anything with the word biscuit on it belongs to an animal...but that is just me!! up!! Love your blog!!

the MomBabe said...

Maybe he was thinking that cookies that make you poop are a good idea. Or maybe he's just gross and crazy. (I pick the latter)

Lisa said...



Tink said...

Ha-ha! And I think it also looks like a doggy biscuit.

S'mee said...

Hey Real Mom, if you wanna play...

Your letter is "W"! : )