Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Heinrick

There has been a kindergarten teacher at our school, almost since it opened in 1986. Before that, she taught kindergarten at another school. She is so loved and so sought after for a teacher. Everyone loves her. She is cheerful, loving and helps each child excel in their own area. Even though this was her year for retiring, she is very youthful and healthy. Just such a cute personality, you can’t help loving her. Mrs. Heinrick could be considered the heart of the school.

Part of her charm, was her husband. He was as much a part of her class as she was. His career was a fireman. His hobby was substitute teaching for many of the classes at our school. He knew the children as well as his wife and participated in everything from class activities to school wide events. As you can imagine the life of a firefighter helped him stay fit and youthful as well. Mr. Heinrick also became part of the soul of the school.

These two together were amazing. They were obviously in love, but not so sticky sweet that it made you throw up… they would tease each other and give each other a loving eye roll. They would interact with the children together and separately. I really believe that for some of these children, this was a new thing, to see a loving marital relationship. He was a father figure for many of the students and always had a loud belly laugh that would make you smile.

Last night, Mr. Heinrick passed away suddenly.

Everyone at the school was in shock. I happened to walk in this morning to pick something up and found the teachers in a prayer meeting in Mrs. Heinrick’s behalf. I saw the meeting break up.

Teachers left the media center with puffy eyes, some I am sure had been crying all night. They wiped their eyes, found a smile, and carried on. They took my children and other’s children and taught them. When all they must have wanted to do was run to their friend's house and give her a hug. Cry with her.

My love for teachers and the job they do grew so much today as I watched that.

We will miss Mr. Hienrick. It is such a sad day for their family. For our school. And for our community -- whom they both affected greatly.

Speaking for my family, our prayers are with you Mrs. Heinrick. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all you and your husband have done for my children. Mr. Heinrick will be sorely missed.


Lisa said...



Boy Mom said...

So sad!

May you all find peace.

Beth said...

Oh how sad... Good teachers and their spouses are amazing people! I will say a special prayer for you all! God Bless

Fawn said...

When I was in 5th grade, Mr Heinrick was my DARE teacher. I just happened to be wearing my DARE shirt, at the gym yesterday when my mom called and told me about him. I am almost 30 yrs old, and for me to remember him clear as day, he obviously made an impact in my life. (as he did in many many other's as well) Thank you Mr. Heinrick. You will be missed.

Bee and Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. We're sending our prayers.

S'mee said...

I was at a funeral years ago and watched as an older man eulogized his sweet father. Through his words we found new things to miss about our friend. But the best thing was the very last part where he taught me something amazing, and from then on I have never looked at death the same.

He talked to his father and not to us. He thanked him for teaching him that this life is a test, one big test after another.

Then he stalled a moment and said, "Dad, you have passed all of your tests well and with dignity. Some of the tests you had to take several times, but you passed them well. And now, you graduate. You get to go on to Higher learning. Happy Graduation Day." and he sat down.

Your Mr. Heinrick sounds as if he too has passed well.

Happy Graduation Day Mr. Heinrick, you've graduated with honours.