Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh, My Beautiful Bosch!

Today I really wanted homemade bread. B was in a good mood and I justified putting everything else off until later. I was going to make bread today. I have a good friend who gave me a no-fail recipe for whole wheat bread (email me if you want it). I have made it a number of times with success. Well, today didn't go as well as usual.

I had added everything to my Bosch and was turning around to get warm water for the bread. I was literally 2 feet away from the mixer and, like I always do, left it mixing while I got the water to add to it. Imagine my surprise when I turned back to the mixer and see it plunging to the floor. Of course not all the water was mixed in, so I got this combination of "bread mud" and water all over. It took forever to clean up and I know I will still be finding hardened bread dough for weeks.

Thankfully, my Bosch wasn't damaged. Not even the prongs on the plug were bent from being ripped out of the wall. And, just in case you were worried, I didn't use this batch. I threw it all out and started over. UGGG!


Tami said...

Kathy that has happened to me like 3 times--that bosch just goes crazy and wiggles itself off the counter. I started putting a damp towel under it to hold it in place and it works pretty well. Good for you for making bread--if you ask your DH, you're not supposed to post things that make the rest of us feel like we aren't measuring up--good job--now my DH says "why don't you make bread anymore???" Just kidding! You're awesome!

Kathy P said...

ha ha -- I only make it like once every 6 months... you can see why :)