Thursday, September 4, 2008


My little boys, R and T, got the great idea to sell rocks. Truthfully, the little boy down the street had the idea, and my boys wanted to give him some competition. So, they got a little container for the rocks and made their sign. Look at how much they were charging! The sign says " $1.00 or more ROCKS"

Well, a good friend was kind enough to stop and bargain with the boys. After talking them down to $0.25 a rock, he bought 6 rocks. The boys were pretty excited.

At dinner, the older boys were baffled that their brothers would try to sell rocks. S asked, "who is going to buy rocks?" When I told him that his scout leader did, he asked incredulously,"So you just go get free rocks from our backyard and sell them?"

R answered, "No, we got them from the neighbor's yard." Oh dear.

Trying to make the point that you can't just take people things, even rocks, and sell them, my husband asked, teasing, "Why didn't you just get their TV and sell that?"

T answered in all the sincerity of innocence, "Because we couldn't carry it."

So, to my neighbors. We owe you 6 rocks and you had better bolt down your TV.


Erin said...

That is awesome!! They just need a little snake oil to go with their rocks, they are quite the entrepreneurs!

Natalie said...

You are never going to believe this but Alyssa wanted to sell rocks just a couple of days ago. She also thought $1 was a fair asking price. We talked her down to only asking $0.25. She decided it wasn't worth her time for that amount and didn't have the rock sale.