Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics -- not as usual

OK -- So where did this Sarah Palin come from. Holy Cow! Can she sell a used car or what? I am sitting here watching her speech for a SECOND time. I am very impressed.

When I found out about her nomination, I remember I called my sister and said, "Is he trying to loose this election or what?" I figured McCain was just trying to sway women voters -- or something to that effect.

I struggled with the idea of a women in the White House. I know we women can do great things, but I have very well established conservative, stereotypical ideas of who should run the country.
I didn't think a woman who had young children should even begin to consider this VP job. But now I find myself hoping McCain kicks the bucket (not really) and she becomes President.

I know its still early, but right now, I am totally loving Sarah Palin! I understand her, I like her sense of humor. She seems like someone I would sit down with at lunch and swap stories about our kids. I like her no-nonsense attitude and her "mother bear", patriotic instincts. I love that she isn't a "polished" politician. She comes from a regular life, a life like mine. She is easy to believe.

I was not prepared for Sarah Palin... but I find her very refreshing. I hope she is all that she seems to be. I think she will help maintain the America I love so much. Today I say, "MOMS OF THE WORLD UNITE!" Way to go!!


Tami said...

Okay, so you have to read my post on this--I was like sitting there cheering for her-- YEAH! said...

I know huh!! I'm telling you the more I find out about her the more I like her. Sarah Palin for President! (2012 of course) ;)

Heatherly said...

I think this women is going to do wonders for the white house and our country. I love the reference to her as the mother bear! Sarah Palin hip hip!