Sunday, July 6, 2008

Plastic was supposed to be easier

Summer time came and so did the insurmountable amount of dishes. We decided that for the summer, we were going to get plastic and paper everything to cut back on dishes. I personally want to apologize to all the Dolphins and rainforest inhabitents for our contribution to your demise. That being said, it has really made things easier... for the most part.
DH and I were in the front room when we heard a HUGE crash. It sounded like plastic so I wasn't worried. Hubby went to examine and between fits of laughter told me to get my camera... this is what we saw.

I eventually had to put the camera down and help S.

1 comment: said...

Poor Spencer has to stand there and hold the spoons up while you take a picture. Gee whiz! A true daughter of our mother;). Too funny!