Friday, July 11, 2008

New additions to the family

All my kids have their special things they love. Anyone who knows S knows he LOVES, on the verge of obsession, penguins. J loves all animals, especially tigers and dolphins, but lately his greatest love is Alvin & the Chipmunks. R, collects rocks, loves maps and pokemon. When T was little, he slept, ate and breathed trains. Now he loves Pokemon also. B has her bear... a little bear attached to a blanket that she will not part with. B has also had favorites that change as often as her shoe size. She has loved (and still does) babies, Elmo, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Dora and now the Backyardagains. In fact, she loves the Backyardagains so much that is pretty much all she watched on our trip.

I went to Basha's the other day with B and made the mistake of walking by their display of Nickelodeon plush figures... Backyardigans included. They had 4 of the 5 characters and B instantly reached for them. Her little arms could barely hold them and she kept kissing them, how could I resist?

That was three days ago. She is still hugging them, kissing them and pretty much doing everything with them. The first couple days we had to give her Backyardagian friends a special bed because she wouldn't go to sleep with them next to her. Last night she was able to sleep by them and woke up early saying, "Oh, Tassa (Tasha)!Ploblow (Pablo)! -Tyrone! Hi, Neekwa! (Uniqua)" followed by kisses.

She has carried them with her everywhere the last couple days... almost forgetting about her bear (not really, but almost). She pushes them in her little stroller, tucks them in bed, rocks them, calls them by name and watches the actual show with them sitting by her. Yesterday, I caught her reading to them. Take a look at what we saw when we walked in her room. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have already ordered the 5th member of the gang.

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That is sooooooo cute! She is so freaking adorable!!!! So sweet!