Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 10, Going HOME!

Today started off with a little adventure. After a quick trip inside Wal-Mart to get necessities, Hubby drove to the Chevron Station next door. Just as DH was putting the RV in park, we heard sirens and saw a Police car pull into the station. The officer, carrying his club and gun, rushed inside. We were blocked in and couldn’t get out so our only option was to watch. Soon, two more officers showed up, guns at the ready, and they also ran inside. We were torn between telling everyone to get away from the windows and straining our necks to watch the action. Actually, there wasn’t any action. We could only see the figure of one officer filling the frame of the doorway. Other than that, nothing. After a few minutes, the three officers led a handcuffed young man into their car. Hubby said, “Hey, I saw that guy inn Wal-Mart!” DH figured by the way the guy had been acting in Wal-mart that he was either high on drugs or mentally insane. I figured that we had some guardian angels looking after us. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse than that. What if DH had been inside paying for the gas? Or what if the guy had had a weapon? The kids were pretty excited to see officers in action.

We are headed home today. It will be nice to be in our own beds. Unless more excitement happens, this is the end of our road trip blog.

UPDATE: We made it home... Thankfully. After a few hiccups along the route home, we were all grateful to get back home. As nice as it is to get away from regular life for a while, it is always nicer to come back home. we arestill trying to get things back to normal after our trip.

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I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound.
I'm glad your trip was fun. What fun memories you'll be able to talk about forever!