Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cooling Off in Arizona

There are three words an Arizonan must learn: Sun, Sunny and Sunburn. It is hot here. And when I say hot, I don't mean "get in the shade and drink a lemonade so you cool down" hot... I mean HOT. In a place where it is not unusual to see 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is 110 IN THE SHADE.

So, we desert rats, find ways of cooling down. Swimming, staying inside, riding in our cars with the A/C blasting and ice packs behind our backs or under our hind end. There are many ways to cool off. On this particular day, we chose the front yard sprinklers. This was B's first time to run through and she was scared. She let her brothers hold her at first and then later got enough courage to run through holding their hand. Still her bravery wained a couple times and she had to be rescued by her brothers.

Of course, everyone had to do a little showing off as well. Enjoy the photos.

1 comment: said...

Yeah, I totally get the heat! It's like 90 degrees here! HA HA. I'm sorry I have to rub it in. What's sad is that for anyone who has never lived in place that get's as hot as AZ 90 degrees IS hot, but since I know what true heat is like I feel like I can't really complain.
I loooove the pictures, especially the ones of Bekah's big brothers holding her and helping her not feel scared. They are so sweet!