Thursday, June 19, 2008

Love Language

As a mom, I am always trying to figure out what my children are saying. I have to learn that "roock" means "milk", "stampler" means "stapler", "carricoo" means "please pick me up this very second!" Children are always speaking their own language. It is up to me, as their mother, to understand it.

I have often noticed how my DH shows his love, which is abundant. I have rarely focused on the ways my children show their love. But, when I stop to think about the ways they tell me they love me, I am always touched.

Each child has their own way of showing me. For S, it may be cleaning the house after I go to bed or being my "go-to" guy. For J, its remembering to get my favorite candy bar at the store or giving me a hug when I need it. R is always by my side if I am ill, getting me drinks, keeping me company. T collects flowers for me (and leaves, grass, weeds -- pretty much anything that grows :)) He also likes to pick stuff up for me so I don't have to "bend my back". And B, well I know she isn't even two yet, but I am certain her way of showing love is how she doesn't break eye contact when I rock her. Or how she reaches for me with open arms and says "Mommeeeeeeeeee"

I need to do a better job at focusing on my children's different love language, and maybe speak it right back to them. After all, don't we all show love the way we would like to receive it?

What is your love language?

1 comment: said...

This seriously made me cry. How sweet. What sweet kids you have. I love being a mommy. Nothing compares to it.