Saturday, June 21, 2008

I wish I was kidding!

I have definitely underestimated the amount of laundry one family can accumulate. I can wash and fold all day long and by the end of the day, the laundry has overrun the laundry room again. Quite often, I wash, dry and toss the clean cloths on the counter until I have time to fold them. This was a particularly bad laundry week. You know the type, "everything is finally done, then the family comes down with the stomach flu" laundry week. Or, perhaps it was fueled by too much water at bedtime... either way, I had a TON of laundry. Aside from the piles on the floor, the clean laundry was overly stacked. Just take a look for yourself!

Do you ever feel like the laundry has a life of its own?

1 comment: said...

All I can say is laundry is the Bain of my existence. You and I are not alone though, I have gotten the same reaction from so many.
It's not even so much the washing it that I have a hard time with, it's the folding!!!! UGH!