Sunday, June 22, 2008

In The Year 2016

Pokemon, for a young boy, is like air. They have to have it. The cards, the cartoons, the shirts... they know each Pokemon, its individual powers, who it can defeat and on and on. Pokemon cartoons and video games excite their imagination. The Pokemon card game makes collecting fun and allows the boys to compete by having their individual Pokemon battle each other.

A while ago, I overheard R and T whispering excitedly about something. They were saying names I recognized from Pokemon and talking about which one they would have. I didn't think too much of it, because my boys seem to always be talking about Pokemon. I casually asked them about what they were discussing, expecting the usual answer.

R and T told me that they were talking about which Pokemon's they would be able to get, how powerful they were, basically strategizing on who should obtain what. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were not talking about CARDS.

They proceeded to explain that the President said that Pokemon would be real when they are 14 and 17. Somehow, I had missed this little piece of news, so I asked them who their source was. Just as I had expected, it was J. He had told them he had written a letter to the President of the United States asking him to let scientists begin researching the possibility of making them come to life. Evidently the President had responded personally to J and told him the research had already begun and live Pokemon would arrive in the year 2016.

What an imagination!

4 comments: said...

Seriously???? That is soooo funny. Did the President really say that or are you pulling my leg or was the President pulling Jacob's leg. I'm kind of feeling stupid now, I would like to know though. said...

p.s. Love your playlist by the way!

Kathy P said...

Just to be clear... the president never actually wrote anything. In fact, Jacob never wrote the president. It was something he just decided to tell his brothers. None of it is true.

Fawn said...

LOL!! That is so stinkin funny! And very creative! I used to tease my little siblings like that when I was growing up, and I totally had them convinced of things as well!!