Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Growing Things

Last year, we decided we would begin a family garden. Each child was assigned their own "box" and the hope was that each child would take an interest in their garden. 

They didn't. Except for one. The Gladiator loved it. Cared for it and was very diligent in tending to it. When we had to pull up it's pathetic remains to install the pool, my Gladiator was so sad.  Even though we were discouraged about our first garden, we promised we would try again. And so, with much effort, we did. 

Now? Well now, all the children love the garden -- with the exception of (you guessed it) Piano Man. And, instead of a little pathetic pile of dirt with weeds? Take a look for yourself. 

We are feasting on zucchini, beet greens and so much more. Tomatoes and corn will be ready any day. Cantaloupe is growing nicely. Onions, turnips, beets, carrots -- its all here. Even though some of the veggies could be a little more robust, we are pretty proud of the outcome.

The Gladiator's prayers are working.

By the way, the most fascinating thing to me about this whole garden experience? Two weeks before the zucchini was ready to harvest, I bought some from the store. Cooked it with a little olive oil, some kosher  salt and pepper. The kids hated it. Thought they were going to die because it was in the same room as them. Two weeks later, the Gladiator brings me a zucchini he picked from the family garden. I cooked it with some olive oil, kosher salt and pepper. The kids couldn't get enough. Had to fix up another one just to supply the demand.

Same stuff. Different delivery. {**SIGH**} Kids!


Boy Mom said...

So jeaalous that you have fresh veggies not jealous of the heat that is coming if not there. Funny how they'll eat what they grow.

Tami said...

Your garden looks GREAT! It almost makes me want to grow one...almost. Maybe next year!