Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know school let out a month ago, but I seem to be perpetually behind...

I love teachers. Really.

I especially love those teachers who try a little bit harder to make a difference. We were blessed to have one such teacher for our little T. She brought out the best in him, helped him ignite the fire for learning and made going to school seem like a day at grandma's house.

To show our appreciation, we had the children each draw a special picture for their teacher and put it into a quilt which we presented before school ended. I had the opportunity to sew it together and I hope that this wonderful teacher felt the gratitude we, as parents, have for her...

Here's a picture of the quilt... fun to do. She is one of the most patriotic people I have met and really instilled a love for America into the children... thus the colors. Thanks to Mrs. W for being so terrific. I wish I could do this for all the teachers that are out there to really make a difference.

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Beth said...

that is awesome! Parents like you rock