Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strawberry Fields

On our last trip to Colorado we got to spend a day at the Strawberry Farm.
It's brilliant really. Grow strawberries. Charge people to come pick them. You don't have to harvest and tourists get to keep their strawberries.

So look at my son, R (top left) and my niece, R. They seriously look like they could be twins.

These next two pictures, I was playing around with a new filter on my camera.
Didn't like the filter so much, but the shots were too fun to pass up.

Me and my sis!
"Look natural, J." Really. That's what I said.
This is the last time we saw this many strawberries in B's basket.
As always, T is happy to be out in a "garden"
R & R
Sometimes, I want to go back to being 12 and being happy with the wind in my face.
My little sis, her hubby and baby girl... so cute!
Ummm, did you check out that sky?? LOVE it!
So check out the strawberries all over B's face -- we thought we'd have to put her on the scale herself because she ate so many of her strawberries.


Boy Mom said...

So happy you're blogging again. Hope life's heavies have lightened a bit.

I'm going to have to try that Horchata stuff.

LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE the sugar post. We used to have a neighbor who would ask to borrow Chocolate Chips for Sunday Chocolate Chip cookies. @@ I know. Right? I wonder if I am a chocolate chip borrower or a sugar lender, food for thought. LOL

The pictures are beautiful you are talented!

Laurie said...

I looooove these pictures. Can I have copies?
That was a fun day. :)