Sunday, July 11, 2010

Borrowing a Cup of... Happy

Remember these neighbors? You know, the ones I love and adore and miss so much I can hardly stand it?

When we were next door to them, they saved the day many times. But none as much as borrowing some ingredients on a Sunday afternoon. You see, we don’t shop on Sunday… but we do like to bake. And, quite often, we were out of sugar. Consequently, we did what anyone with well prepared neighbors would do… we’d borrow a cup of sugar.

And our dear former neighbors always obliged.

Well, the other day I had a chance to sit in a quiet place and watch a couple different people. Not in a weird-better-call-the-police type of way… but just watched how they interacted with those around them. It was obvious that one of these people was in a great amount of pain. The other, mature and aged with trials of life (or so I assumed) But from each of them exuded a contagious sense of happiness. I wondered how the one in pain could look so happy. I wondered what the kinds of trials the other had faced. I was awed by their apparent happiness. As I sat there watching them – smiling, nodding, glowing – I found myself becoming happier by the minute.

Suddenly it occurred to me.

These people I watched? They were like our old neighbors and their happiness was like a cup of sugar. And me? Well, there I was borrowing it without even asking.

I started to think about smiles, hugs, laughter and positive affirmations. All those things loved ones do for you. I thought about this trait of happieness that can't be ignored. It is so wonderful to be around people who are willing to share these things. Willing to let others “borrow” from their supply.

The difference is happy doesn’t run out like sugar does. The more of it you give, the more of it you have.

I have clung to that thought since… How I was borrowing a cup of happy from these strangers I hardly spoke to but more importantly how I could give my own cup of happy to someone.

So, if I see you around town, I will most likely borrow a cup of happy from you. But don't worry, because I will also give you my own cup of happy.

That's just how things should work.


Beth said...

I love how this wove together!

Shellee said...

Thank you for the reminder! I love passing around cups of happy. That's the most wonderful gift that you can gve someone even if you aren't aware that you are sharing.

heather said...

I've done this same thing, but I never thought of it in this way. I love the analogy.