Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Good Neighbor

The news has always been full of unsettling information. Especially lately. Communities, nations and the world seem to be in constant turmoil. It can get a person down. It is difficult sometimes to recognize the Hand of God on a planet where belief of Him is smothered by the loud voices of opposition. And yet, in this crazy world, there is goodness. We just have to open our eyes.

Goodness comes in many forms. In my case, it appears in the form of a good neighbor. I have learned many lessons since living in this home, one of which is what a good neighbor is.

The good neighbor looks after your kids when you are not around – keeping them from running in the street or beating up their brother. She doesn’t judge you for having a messy house or frumpy cloths. She celebrates with you during your happy moments and cries with you during your difficult times. The good neighbor helps stop plumbing leaks. He is willing to pull your “ox out of the mire” to keep your home from catching fire. He is there to assist in priesthood blessings. The good neighbor pays attention to your home while you are away. She visits you while you cry over your child in the hospital. She goes beyond her own comfort to help you pull off a wedding reception. She scrubs your floor while you are in the hospital. He helps lift boxes. He gives your children rides places. The good neighbor looks past your imperfections but still helps you keep perspective. She listens while you complain and validates your feelings. You can call the good neighbor in the middle of the night for help. The good neighbor helps you figure out what illness your child has. You can count on the good neighbor for emotional strength and support. You know the good neighbor is there for you, come what may. You learn compassion from the good neighbor. You learn “tricks of the (mothering) trade” You learn how to be a good neighbor. The good neighbor gives you more than you could ever return.

Our family has been overly blessed with such neighbors. And it makes me think about what this world would be like if we could all be good neighbors. Reaching out not only to our next door neighbors, but to those we interact with each day. How would this world be a better place if we each took a little more effort to be a good neighbor? How have you been affected by a good neighbor?

I believe that the world, especially now, needs more good neighbors. More people to reach out, get involved and love those around us. How can you be a better neighbor?


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

What a wonderful, inspiring relationship you have with your neighbor! I've found that my gratitude journal helps me find the goodness and blessings that are ubundant in my life! I live out in "the country", with not too many neighbors, but my life is full of wonderful friendships.

Great post! :)

Becky said...

Beautiful post!

We have a neighbor who brings us brownies and halibut and cake - pretty much anything he's cooking up at the moment. If we're not home and he's taking his garbage to the dump, he grabs ours as well. He loves our kids and he's full of good advice.

We will be sad to leave him when we buy a house soon.

Fawn said...

wow- it sounds like you have the greatest neighbors in the whole wide world!! ;0) this was such a nice post! thanks for helping me smile today!!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you have good neighbors. We moved to a new town three months ago, and I have tried in vain to introduce myself to one of my neighbors. Hopefully with time we will become friendly. (And hopefully one day I will have a neighbor like yours, and be a neighbor like yours!)

Lorie said...

I agree. I am lucky to have wonderful neighbors that I know would do anything for me in a pinch. They are like a second family.

in time out said...

i know how that feels. thankful.