Monday, June 14, 2010

Apply Liberally, Repeat If Necessary

Getting these two adorable little girls ready for their dress rehersal for their dance recital the other night.

(the dance recital is an entirely different blog post all together)

Oh these girls were so excited! And look how adorable they look!

So I told them.

“You girls look like princesses!”

B responded ever so loving, “You look like a princess, too, mommy!”

(Ahhhh, deep sigh)

To which B’s little friend tilted her head, scrunched her nose and in the most bewildered voice a three year old could muster,

“You don’t look like a princess, you look like a wicked witch!”

I immediately made a trip to my bathroom to apply more concealer over my dark, circled eyes.

(Ahhhh, deep sigh)

1 comment:

Beth said...

Oh out of the mouth of babes! I love dance recitals... I have done 23 in a row!

I am happy to see you posting! Hope life is getting back on track for you!