Sunday, May 30, 2010

Safety for the Soul

Life is a funny thing.



Kick in the stomach.

Up a little bit, down a little bit.

So many opinions and thoughts on my mind. So much to say. And yet, all I can think of is this talk entitled, Safety for the Soul, by Jeffery R Holland.

You can read the full version here or watch the whole talk here (scroll down to the Sunday afternoon session)

This is what I am coming back to over and over. This expresses my feelings so well.

Missing you all in the blogging world, but getting things taken care of with my family. So I will be back when we are (really) all settled and I can be myself again.


Beth said...

Kathy..take care! I miss you but can wait! Have a nice weekend!

Huston Family said...

I've been out of the blogging scene myself with all the drama around here, but trying to take a few minutes to catch up and relax a little. Can't wait til you're back...miss you. Loved having Trevan over last Friday, send him back our way more often!

Boy Mom said...

Sending some prayers your way. Hope the dust settles soon.