Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Turn on the LIGHT

As a young teenager, I hated coming home to an empty, dark house. So immediately, before devilish fiends attacked, I would run through the house, singing hymns at the top of my lungs and turning on every light I could find.
Every light.

Even the ones in the closets.

Especially the ones in the closets.

For some reason, once the house was all lighted up, I felt safer. More secure. Noises weren’t as mysterious, my belly lost some of its yellow coloring and the darkness of night seemed further away.

Recently, a friend told me, “Turn on all your lights, Kathy. All of them.” (Light, of course, referring to those things that bring the God’s spirit closer to my heart.)She went on to explain that she knew I had SOME of the lights on, but I needed to turn them all on.

I have thought about her statement.

Over and over.

I wonder how many times I only turn on a few “lights” in my life, leaving the creeping shadows of darkness to pillage my peace? How many times do I use every source available to me?

I believe God has given us ways to trudge through this life, resolve problems and even find peace in a very dark world. But, just like my lights in my home wouldn’t turn on without me flipping the switch, I have to make the effort to use those Divine resources.

For me, it is scriptures, hymns and prayer that seem to turn on my lights… and, if my heart is fully engaged, I can turn on “all the lights” available to me. I suppose it can be different for everyone. But one constant remains, God has provided the light… we just have to “flip the switch.”

I love this thought. I will cling to it as I try to remember to keep that Spirit of Heaven close to me.


Emmy said...

That is a great thought!

April said...

Thanks for the post! And thanks for supporting The Power of Moms. I'm going to share that light switch idea with my children tomorrow for family scripture study. Sometimes I think we get satisfied with the lights we currently have, but it's neat to think that the number of light switches that are POSSIBLE for us to turn on are of an infinite number. I'm going to try to find new ones every day!


Just SO said...

What a great reminder. I need all the light I can get in my life.