Friday, March 26, 2010

Be Still, My Soul

People who really knew my dad, knew him well, knew he worried. Not necessarily excessively about one thing, but about A LOT of things. After all, this was a man who struggled through the great depression as a child, lost his mom as a teenager and braved WWII as a serviceman. He had seen some stuff. Real stuff that causes real worry. However, my Dad, who always had a song on his lips and a prayer in his heart, usually didn’t let the worry overtake him.
I see now how difficult of a battle that can be.

I worry. About a lot of things. Like my dad, I don’t usually find myself bound to these worries, or fears, and I am grateful for the example he showed me of how to rid myself of pestering thoughts.

Now, lest I be misunderstood, I am not talking about clinical anxiety, anxiety disorders or other conditions which needs medical treatment. I am talking about common, every day worries and fears.

Some of which have increased over the last month since we lost Hubby’s brother. In an effort to come to terms with Clay’s death, grieve properly and find solace, I have found my mind clouded with worry, concern and fear.

One night, in particular, I found it difficult to sleep. Negative thoughts badgered the strongholds of my mind until I was left weak and wanting. In desperation, I grabbed my iPod and clicked to the first “Sunday Playlist” I came to.

“LDS Hymns of Praise”

As I listened, my heart began to unclench from the worry that bound me. With each sacred word and tender note, I found myself feeling a slightly more relaxed. Time passed as I listened, the lyrics soothing my soul like a healing salve. Gently, the spirit crept into my heart, chasing away the previous plaguing feelings. After quite a few hymns, I found myself at peace enough that I could sleep.

Since that night, when I start to feel unsettled, worried or fearful, I turn on my hymns. I revel in the joy that comes from the songs of prayer. I am so grateful for this rescue provided me by my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for a daddy who taught me how to battle and overcome. Mostly I am grateful for peace.