Monday, February 1, 2010

Made with Love

I was in line behind this adorable, skinny little mom today at the grocery store. Her cart was LOADED with all kinds of meats. Her cart hosted everything from ham hocks to Chorizo. She was buying cream, butter, cheese and a plethora of fresh veggies & herbs.

There was no doubt in my mind that this girl knew how to cook and I began to salivate as I imagined the yummy meals she must be making.

And then I got jealous.

You have to understand that I have really tried to make healthy meals. I have spent years watching the family douse my food with Tabasco sauce or smother it in salt. I have listened as they tell me that I never make the food they like, that this is horrible stuff and they don’t like it. I have looked the other way when they sneak out to McDonalds to get a real meal.

So, I kinda give up. Turning to mass produced, flash frozen meals you find in a box.

Or a drive thru. (sorry Mom & Dad)

But you know what? Give me a little of what was in that lady’s shopping cart and I could whip up a mean dish or two. Not without a recipe of course, but yummy none-the-less.

I mean, who could serve a Paula Deen Recipe and not get smiles in return.

Unfortunately, we have a few health issues in our family (y’know, like heart disease) so saturating our food in butter all the time would be just plain stupid. We have to eat healthy. Which means my kids will always wonder what it would be like to have white bread with their peanut butter sandwich. And they will probably always think I am the worst cook in the world.

But sometimes, just sometimes, when I need a little confidence boost, I whip up a meal with a little extra lovin’ – usually in one of these forms.

And I sit back and watch my family enjoy my cooking. I smile as they reach for seconds and feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I have brought that happiness to my family.

Then I start hoping the amount of LOVE I put into the meal will offset the 35 grams of fat.

Today, I found a recipe that I couldn’t pass up. Maybe not the healthiest on the block, but definitely a keeper. EVERYONE loved it. Even my “i-hate-everything-because-no-one-loves-me-enough-to-make-good-food” ten year old boy.

So, thanks Emmy for the yumminess of your cooking club! Tomorrow things will be back to normal but for right now, I am feeling like I have some Mad Cooking Skills.


Shellee said...

I'll try this recipe!

As kids get older, they will only remember that Mom made dinner, and that it was healthy and good for them. My kids would take a new recipe over McDonalds most nights. We have a menu board in our home that is filled out the night before, so the kids know what to expect for dinner. It really cuts down on the "what's for dinner?" question and saves us from financial ruin.

Emmy said...

Yeah!! Seriously so happy you all liked it so much. It really was so good. I wish my kids would have tried it, but they hardly even would. But I know I will definitely be making it for Eric and I again a lot. :)

That Girl said...

Chorizo sausage is now on my grocery list.

Fiauna said...

I laughing in all the best ways. I totally understand.