Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project time

You see, these niches have been taunting me since the day we moved in. Daring me to find something original, clever and stylish to do with them. I pass them every day, threatening to put an end to their incessant mocking. But those were empty threats. And my niches knew it. They knew I planned poorly and usually had a preschooler next to me all day long. Those contemptuous niches also were very aware that I have zero skill in decorating.

I decided to shut them up. Seal them to be exact. I figured if I painted them, it would buy me time to figure out how to properly dress them up. It would get them off my back.

I know better. Really I do.

It should have been a quick job. Two hours tops. It should have gone smoothly. But, despite lessons I supposedly learned, I decided to conquer my wall niches with my 3 year old companion by my side.

And my niches heckled me. The whole time.

All taped up and ready to go, I began to smudge my caulking along the tape line and naturally, B had to help. (now for those of you who don’t know the caulking trick for painting smudge- free lines, email me, I’ll fill you in) B actually was quite helpful, smudging the lower parts while I did the top parts. I was pretty impressed we made it through the caulking without a major mishap and began to clean up the caulking mess.

My niches scoffed at my arrogance while I stepped to the sink to wash my hands. Just as I turned to scoop up B to wash her up, she says, “Mommy, I got it in my hair.” (that would be CAULKING -- EVERYWHERE in her hair)

I could practically hear the sarcastic laughter of my niches as I hauled B off to her first shower of the day.

Cleaned up and ready to paint, B was eager to make sure I let her paint the “down low parts”.

Which I did. For a while.

After a couple smudges outside the safety of the blue tape, it was time for her to stop “helping” and go paint her own things. I set her up at the table… covered her in an old shirt and left the happy toddler to her imagination, while I painted only a few feet away.

I should have known something was up when it was quiet. I found this.

I dodged the sharp jeers from my niches as I marched B to the bathroom for her second shower.

Thankfully, all the excitement wore her out, leaving her content to cuddle up with her “bear” and watch Sleeping Beauty. I was able to finish my painting my niches and temporarily quiet their taunts – nevermind the project had taken the whole day.

Here's the (semi) finished project

Close up of the line -- just super proud of it. NO SMUDGES! Take that you infernal niche!


Now, if only I can figure out what to put into them!! Any ideas?


Square Root of Family said...

You are awesome!

Beth said...

how about a plant?? Sort of odd space...

Tami said...

The paint looks GREAT! I cannot paint a straight line without smudges--even with tape! That niche looks like it needs something tall--they have really cool candle holders that are tall like that--but I don't know how deep it would need to be. Lina's on Greenfield/Baseline can design something--and they are fairly reasonable. Also try Razmatazz for those odds and ends--they have some cool stuff. Good luck!

Laurie said...

They look AWESOME!!! That color is amazing. That was a brilliant idea!

Julia Everts said...

A wall hanging of some kind? I also like the tall candle or plant vase idea. Good luck!

Fiauna said...

Looks great--both the niches and the girl!

sweetvictorya said...

I think it looks great and agree with Julia a large vase with maybe some dried stalks or flowers would look nice.