Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happiness comes in small packages

I don’t share very well sometimes. Especially when it comes to sweets. Friends may drop some cookies by and my first thought is, “how do I make sure I can get my share?”

I know. It’s ugly. Horrible. But guilt seems to melt away with each little taste of chocolate – or whatever the yumminess might be.

I guess it isn’t that I don’t WANT to share. Just more that I want to enjoy my portion with my good buddies Peace and Quiet. And while I wait for Peace & Quiet to grace me with their presence, I squirrel away my goodies.

The problem is that sometimes it takes a while for my long lost friends to appear. And I forget all about my stash of paradise tucked safely in my secret hiding place.

Imagine how completely delighted I was when I accidently stumbled upon these little babies today.

Oh yeah, wipe the corners of your drooling mouth. That is Hazelnut and Ghirardelli Chocolate Heaven, sweetie. MMMMMmmmmm.

It was like Christmas. And I love Christmas.

No, I can’t tell you where they are hidden. Because my children read this blog and I intend on eating this whole bag MYSELF!!!!


Mommy Madness said...

MMMMmmmm i want some....=\

Beth said...

oh yummm I gotta find me some of those! I am drooling!

Julia Everts said...

You always crack me up. Your blog is one of the few that i can read without pictures and not be bored. Thank you for your sense of humor. :)

That Girl said...

Oh my - can you tell me where you GOT them?!