Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too many legs...

Somehow “Absolutely NO MORE PETS!” and “We are never having another animal in the house again!” turned into one puppy and two lizards.

How? I am not sure.

Last time I checked, I was pretty adamant about it. I really thought I was anyway.

But we have a furry little fuzz-ball puppy that seems to be adjusting fairly well (knock on wood) and two new reptilian additions.

T constantly was asking for a Komodo Dragon, or a Bearded Dragon, or a chameleon or something that was scaly and gross. In fact, it has been ALL he has been talking about for months. But there was no way in the world I was ever going to get one of those things. EVER!

Imagine his absolute seven year old euphoria when we discovered a huge ugly lizard actually fell into one of our moving boxes we left outside and got stuck. The poor thing was cooking in the Arizona sun. It was the least we could do to move it to the shade. And water. And branches and rocks and bugs and attention.

After all the tough talk about T desiring a scary reptile, guess what he names it???


Well, being the appropriately paranoid mom that I am, I worried about all the diseases this lizard might carry and was BEYOND nervous for my kiddos to handle this thing. I am not sure if lizards can bite, but I am pretty sure that if they could, Flicky would. And hard. Then my sweet little boys would be stricken with some horrible frothing at the mouth disease and their skin would fall off. I was pretty sure of it.

I used typical mom logic and applied large amounts of guilt (after all, Flicky really wanted to get back to his family) and we let him go… with the promise that I would make a lizard run to the local Petsmart. And because R was with me, they both got a 10 dollar lizard. Free of disease.

I am pretty sure pets weren’t in the job description when I applied for this Mom job. But the kiddos look so happy when they play with them. What could do?

BTW, T’s new lizard earned the slightly tougher name of Drag-O. R’s remains unnamed.


♫ Spasm ♫ said...

we get our puppy on Friday..... excited and nervous. LOL

Pets are psychologically healthy for children actually, as much work as it is for us mums. LOL

Emmy said...

Yes good to go with safe clean lizards. I have no desire to have any pet.. well maybe some fish. I grew up with a dog, but I don't want something else to take care of.

Carin said...

I don't think even the ones from Petsmart are safe ewww!

Beth said...

you are one cool mom... we have had: 2 birds, zillion fish, a rabbit, we are on dogs 3 and 4, gerbil, guinea pig and Lydia wants a hermit crab!

I think I would draw the line with a lizard...maybe not!!

Boy Mom said...

So brave you are. What is it with boys and reptiles? And why do I end up the one feeding them their stinky crickets and flies?

That Girl said...

I think I might be glad I missed 'em ... or at least glad my KIDS missed 'em ...

Fiauna said...

Did the 10 dollar lizard really only cost 10 dollars? Because somehow I just bought a four dollar gerbil that ended up costing 60 dollars when all was said and done.

I'm glad little Sprite is adjusting well.

threehappyhansens@yahoo.com said...

Never say never. I'm glad Flicky got to go back to his family. I actually like lizards. Just don't let it eat Sprite.