Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We were a young, engaged couple at BYU, living in neighboring apartment complexes. We had already pooled our money to make it stretch a bit further and had been out grocery shopping together.

One of the perks of being a young, broke couple at BYU was that we had ample opportunity to ride the UTA buses all over the Orem/Provo area. (Much to the worry of our parents, we not only were unemployed, we had no car)

On this particular bus ride, we lugged our groceries from Food4Less back to our respective apartments. Hobbling off the bus, we waited for the light to change so we could cross.

Darling Hubby carried the bulk of the groceries because he is just that kind of guy. For some reason, we were either moving slowly or the light was timed fast because suddenly we got the “Flashing Hand” warning us our crossing time was nearing an end.

I picked up speed and was nearly across the street when I heard a crash – not from a car, but from the groceries Hubby had been carrying. As I turned to look, I realized that Hubby’s bag had ripped and ALL its contents landed smack in the middle of the crosswalk. Frozen burritos, Ramen Noodles, jelly, pickles, etc… EVERYWHERE!

Now, because I was the thoughtful, kind fiancĂ© everyone should be, I didn’t just want to leave him hanging… so I did what any sympathetic companion would do (insert appropriate sarcasm). I quickly finished crossing the street, turned around and laughed at Hubby. But, lest you think I didn’t help him, I did. I kept telling him to hurry because the light was changing. Of course, I had to keep laughing because, well, who wouldn’t?

As I lovingly waved him across, telling him to pick up the ketchup and put the canned fruit in the other already-bulging bags, watching as he fretted over the falling groceries, the light changed. Hubby helplessly stood in the middle of the crosswalk, blocking two lanes of impatient drivers, stuck in their track by college food. He couldn’t bear to leave the food behind because we had spent a whopping $30 on the food, and it had to last a while.

Eventually, and it really seemed like forever, Hubby made it safely across. Only losing one jar of jelly, if I remember correctly. I never did go out and help him pick up the food. I just laughed. But, because Hubby is who he is, he laughed too (years later, that is)

And you know what? He still married me. Can you believe it? I would have been so mad if the roles were reversed. But that is just the kind of person Hubby is. He didn’t hold it against me that I just stood on the corner and laughed at his predicament.

So, today is Hubby’s birthday! And I think, after 16 years, I am finally ready to say… as my gift to him, “I will never leave you standing in the middle of the street with groceries all over the ground again!”

I love you sweetie!! Thanks for marrying me anyway! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Here's a couple snapshots of Hubby with each of our children at various times in their lives. I love these because it reminds me what a loving father he is to our children...


Beth said...

Oh my...someday I have to meet you in real life! lol

Happy Birhday to your DH!

Sharla said...

Happy Birthday to Tim. You two have one of the most incredible and wonderful love stories ever!!

Sharla said...

Happy Birthday to Tim. You two have one of the most incredible and wonderful love stories ever!!

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!! I love that story! I would have laughed too :)

Carin said...

ROFL!!! I can just see it ramen and peanut butter all over and you having a giggle fit.

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

Fiauna said...

Happy Birthday!!

Connie said...

That's true love. I would have been laughing too, and it would have taken my hubby years to forgive me for ditching him. But nevertheless, eternal marriages aren't based on spilled college food, but on a kind of commitment and love that is so deep it hurts. :) Thanks for the reminder!

I remember Laurie and I going with you to a youth dance. She and I were much too young to be there, but we went with you so that you could see Tim, or something to that effect. You two were so goo-goo-gaa-gaa icky in love! It's hard to believe that it's been so long already.

I hope your love has a great day! Happy Birthday, Tim!!

That Girl said...

Happy Birthday - you guys are the best.

Emmy said...

That is just too funny! I couldn't help but laugh when I read it.
It reminds me of the time my husband and I were trying to fly a kite. He was running with it and I saw the tree, but then it was like I was in slow motion and no sound left my mouth to warn him. And then I just laughed... laughed and laughed and laughed.

T and T Brunson said...

Happy birthday Tim!!

Huston Family said...

Funny story! Same kind of thing happened when Dan and I were dating, except he was in the middle of the steet on a horse, and the cars didn't stop, they just swerved around him. I laughed so hard. Dan still doesn't laugh about it!
Oh well--Happy Bday Tim. We miss you all! said...

Wow....that was really mean, Kathy. Almost as mean as a SIL forgetting her BIL b-day. I NEVER do mean stuff to Gus.

Happy late B-day, Tim. I'm really glad you married my sis anyway.