Thursday, July 2, 2009

His Watchful Eye

I sit here this morning, grateful for Heavenly Father’s watchful eye.

Yesterday we had a couple strangers filter through our neighborhood. In the middle of the day. While I was gone and the kids were home alone.

I was on an errand with S and J was left home babysitting B & T. R was at his cousin’s house and I was going to be back within 1 ½ hours.

I got a call from J saying that some man was wandering around our yard. He described his appearance which I didn’t recognize. I immediately called my Angel Neighbor to check on the situation and headed home.

By the time I arrived home a short time later, the puzzle pieces were falling into place. This man, and a friend (or two), had already visited a few neighbors; asking them for money and at one point removing gas cans from a neighbors open garage. His story was he needed gas money.

R had been coming home with his cousin when they saw this man entering our backyard. The man asked if his parents were home and told R he needed money. The boys quickly went inside and told J who in turned called me. The police had been called out by another neighbor and they were able to arrest this man and his friend.

The police didn’t believe his story; saying the men were “Up to no good.”

R had to give an official report and even got to ride in the police car to go ID the man. Several of the neighbors, including myself, pressed charges for trespassing.

Maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he really needed money for gas. But he didn’t need to look for it in my back yard, the neighbor’s garage or ask a 10 year old for money. It just isn’t a good idea. If I knew this man really needed help, and I was home, I could have called someone to help him. But what he was doing was wrong and I felt it jeopardized the safety of my children.

I am SO grateful nothing worse happened. I am SO grateful my children were safe and knew what to do. I am SO grateful for His Watchful Eye.


Beth said...

frightening! All those lessons we teach our kids do pay off!

We live near a high traffic area.. I am always on the watch. We have had bikes taken from our garage as we have been eating dinner... Dh has had to chase people down the street...argghhhhh

Emmy said...

Wow, so scary! Yeah needed gas money, yeah right. Glad everyone is safe.
And if your yard is like most yards in AZ, brick fence, totally enclosed then it is completely trespassing to go back there.

Anonymous said...

always such a wonderful thing when the Lord watches over us!

S'mee said...

I am walking away from this post grateful for the Lord's hand in our daily lives...

and wondering what the heck police department doesn't believe a kid when they call for help?

Sharla said...

I'm shaking after reading this. I am so glad your family is alright and J did the right thing by calling you. Thanks for the vivid reminder to teach kids to NEVER answer the door for STRANGERS, or trust them--even if they look like they need help. I'm sooo glad everyone is okay. How scary.

Bee and Rose said...

Oh my goodness! I completely agree...he was up to no good!

I'm glad your family is safe...I, too, am grateful daily for His Watchful Eye!

pan x 8 said...

Scary! It feels good to have not only children that remember what to do in these situations but neighbors you can count on! Glad everything is safe and well!