Sunday, June 21, 2009

He's 10 TODAY!!

I should have known from the flips he did in my belly that R would be full of adventure. He is such a sweet, loving boy. Here's a little photo journey through his life.

R is always loving and tender

Even at a young age, R was always jumping, falling, or otherwise flying around the house.

Quite often I found him in a little bit of mischief (and still do)

Melts my heart!

First day of Kindergarten

At the beach

A typical pose around here for R

This boy was born to SOAR!

Um, yeah -- it was about this time, I realized he needed gymnastics.

If he's not contorting his body, its his face!

Just hanging around.

The reason why play equipment was invented.
R is always making new friends. He just has a knack with people and kids love him.

This is my all-time favorite shot of R because it is a rare moment in his life that he holds still. Somehow, I caught it here.

I sure love this kid!!!
Happy Birthday R!!!!


Beth said...

happy birthday R... ten is such a wonderful age! have a blessed day!

Emmy said...

I love the "melts my heart" picture!! Such a great picture and a cute boy!
Happy Birthday R!

That Girl said...

Looks like you are one lucky mom. (Although I won't envy you when you have to beat back the ladies ...)

Fiauna said...

He's a looker! Happy Birthday, R!