Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I have been so blessed in my life.

I grew up with a kind father. A man who dedicated his heart to God and spoke gently to his children. There was comfort and tenderness in the shadow of my father. I loved him while I grew up and love him now as I remember him.

I remember as a girl, I wanted to marry someone like my daddy. Someone kind. Someone who devoted their life to God. Somebody who was tender.

And I have been blessed.

My sweet husband lives only to do that which is right in the sight of God. He loves our children and speaks kindly to them. He sacrifices so much so our family can live comfortably. He plays with the kids, sings with them, challenges them... He is the best father for our children and if my boys follow his example, they will also be fine men.

When I saw the following video, I immediately thought of Hubby. All he does is for the Lord and our family.

Happy Father's Day!

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