Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A completely unimportant post about AMB that may or may not change your life

I made a little trip down to Ace hardware today. You know, to pick up a couple things needed around the house.

As I am checking out, I look around on the counter top. It is filled with lots of little last minute gadgets. Things that might come in handy if you have a contractor’s license like flashlights, razor blades, triangle pencils.

And then there was this stuff:

So, maybe I am a little behind the times here, but I haven’t ever heard or seen this stuff before. Apparently, this is the thing to have handy if you have chafing issues. (no offense meant to anyone who might have chafing issues)

I couldn’t help thinking that if I were to have the need to purchase this product, in no way would I do it at Ace Hardware. And definitely not from the little teenager behind the register. I figured this had to be some joke. (no offense meant to Ace Hardware employees or little teenagers)

Well folks, not only is it REAL, they make it for ladies too. (because nobody would want to offend the ladies by ignoring their chafing needs)

And, evidently, people even like to wear buttons, hats and t-shirts to advertise the stuff.

Really? Do I really want to meet the person that wears this paraphernalia? (no offense meant to any readers who are currently wearing an AMB t-shirt)

I don’t know about you, if I am going to be doing some chafing, I would prefer to do it privately and NOT let the people down at my local Ace Hardware know about it.

Wishing you a “dry” week!!


Diane said...

This is hilarious! I, too, have never heard of this stuff! Gosh, maybe I don't get out enough. But, then again, as you say, do I really want to know those folks who 1) need this stuff and 2) would purchase said stuff from the Ace Hardware store? Just too funny! You come up with some things that just amaze me! Have a great day!

Many hugs..........


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are the same makers as the butt creame for babies. LOL

Emmy said...

Lol! Too funny! That would be a great white elephant gift.

Beth said...

thanks for the giggle...i needed it!

Emmy said...

CHECK my blog, you've got an award!

Tink said...

Oh my! That's hilarious! I've NEVER EVER heard of this stuff and just out of pure pride, I'd never EVER buy it either. It's bad enough buying tampons at a check-out stand let alone Lady Monkey Butt :)

Jill said...

so funny! I had a friend who was a huge fan of this stuff, but that was after her double mastectomy and she was dealing with chaffing in her newly misshapen armpits. I understand the need for the product, but the need to advertise that you use it? Um, no thanks.