Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break Travel Log

This week the kids have been off school and we took advantage of everyday, visiting my sister in Colorado. It was so nice to get away from the normalcy of life and enjoy doing nothing for a few days. Even though I took my camera with me, I was bad and didn’t break it out once… I can’t believe it. I guess I was just feeling a little lazy.

Here are some highlights.

We learned B gets carsick. Now she refers to throwing up as “shooting”, probably because of her projectile vomiting.

Auntie L and I took the kids to see the Denver Aquarium, which is really quite amazing. While there, we were able to feed the stingrays. You have to hole the fish in between your fingers while your hand is in a fist. Then, you keep your hand still as the super slimy stingray puts its WHOLE mouth over your fist to eat the fish. I got a tray of fish for J, R, T & my neice G. They were all too afraid to actually feed the rays so Auntie L and I got to feed them all. It was a little nerve racking having that creature suck your fist for a few seconds, but otherwise uneventful. That is UNTIL one of those creatures actually BIT me. Chomped right down on the knuckles of my first and second finger. I think I may have had the fish into my hand too far. It didn’t draw blood though and was only red for an hour or so… I wish it could have been longer so I could have milked more sympathy from Hubby. Then, after watching all the beautiful fish, we sat down to eat their cousins while we watched more fish.

B and her little cousin G played all day in their “sand castle” and learned the exfoliating effects of sand on your scalp. EVERDAY. Sand in their hair… not just a little, but TONS. Their “sand castle” was a small bricked area with sand in it. It looked like the top of a tower from a castle. I guess that is how they came up with the name. They played so sweetly the first few days. Then after a week without naps and not routine, they began to fight, just like sisters. Made me glad I only have one girl! :)

The boys played video games every chance they could get. Which was a lot because I was busy reading this book and this book.

Remember when I told you all that my kiddos have AWESOME uncles? Well, Uncle G is another super cool uncle. While we stayed at HIS house, eating HIS food, messing up HIS living room, he helped R build his PINEWOOD DERBY CAR. WE still have a week before the race. This may be the earliest we have ever had a car finished. Anyway, R was all smiles and loved it. I should have taken pictures of his prideful smile and his sawdust covered body… it was really cute. Super Huge Thanks to Uncle G!!! R will always remember what you have done for him.

Now, we soon have to face real life again. But for a week it was fun to do something else.


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Fiauna said...

How fun! Did you enjoy the weather? Denver is a fun place to visit.

Salsa Mama said...

Hey Kathy! I got to your blog through my friend Fawn who I just discovered knows you because you are her mom's neighbor! Small world. In case you don't remember me I'm Ila's friend and my hubby and Tim were great friends in the old days (aka high school). Check out our blog for all our family goings It's fun to see what you guys are doing!

Diane said...

Sounds like Spring Break was so much fun and a time for rejuvenation! I'm so happy you got to see your family and enjoy Denver. I love Colorado but have no family threr. Got to work on that one! Enjoy normal this week!
God bless!