Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Man of the Hour

Hubby is the oldest of 7 children. And they are all close. It is a wonderful blessing to the family as our children grow up. They have cousins, cousins and more cousins.

We are lucky enough to live directly behind hubby’s younger brother, Uncle C, his wife Aunty E, and their four children. It is very common to see my children perched on top of the swing set talking to their cousins who are sitting on their trampoline.

We have actually thought about putting a gate between our two yards to make it easier for the kiddos to connect.

This weekend, Uncle C and Aunty E, took a much deserved trip to the Golden Coast. In their place came Uncle D and Aunty A, with their three children in tow, to hold down the fort.

Now, every one of my children’s uncles is WAY cool. So cool that the world really has to stop if there is ever a chance to hang out with one of them. Every uncle has their own area of expertise. Uncle D’s just happens to be finding a less dangerous way to do those things mom would never let them do ordinarily.

When they are with Uncle D my children have launched rockets, built smoke bombs, cruised in a go-kart, learned the ins and outs of hang gliding, studied electricity – and pretty much anything else that makes a mother’s instincts gulp with anxiety.

Yeah – he is pretty cool.

All weekend R & T have been asking to go over to their cousin’s house because Uncle D is there.
Please. Please. Please.

But R was “grounded” and the last thing my preggy sister-in-law needed was to add my children to the seven she was already taking care of. However, after a while I gave in… how long are they going to WANT to hang out with family anyway? And this really was a treat.

After a few minutes, Aunty A told me over the phone to go look outside. Once I did, I knew I had to grab my camera.

True to Uncle D’s nature, there he was with 10 kids on the trampoline. We will discuss safety on another day.

Oh, the GIGGLES!

It was so fun to snap photos of this… They say it all. Check out the faces on the children.



That.Girl said...

That looks like a ton of fun!

Beth said...

Oh oh the fun! their faces are precious!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Hey hey - there's another "that girl"? And I thought I was so ORIGINAL. Dang.

I. Love. These. Photos. It makes me want to buy a trampoline.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

wow, what a fun uncle!! it reminds me of my husband with my brothers... i'll have to find my camera and take pictures this summer... (before it becomes a safety hazard..)