Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Blogging Tricks

Here are five of my favorite blogging tricks... They make my life so much easier. Hope you enjoy!

First, is Google Calendar. (not really a blogging trick but if you use it, you have more time to blog :))You don’t have to download anything and it is free – what more could you ask for? How about a text message a few minutes before your appointment so you don’t forget? Done. Maybe you would like your daily agenda emailed to you each morning… done. This little service is the best thing that has happened to my family in the way of organization. We are on the computer enough that adding in a date or an appointment only takes 15 seconds. With the settings I have, I am emailed each morning about my schedule and 20 minutes before my appointment I receive a reminder text. I can also see hubby’s schedule. It works wonders.

Second, is Google Reader. You know all those blogs you follow? How about sites you subscribe to? I couldn’t believe how time consuming it was to check in on each one of my favorite stops. With Google Reader, I go to one site. I can see immediately who has posted what. And if I want to comment, I just follow a link to the site. SO MUCH BETTER. It saves me a ton of time and I can check all my favorite blogs on my phone while I am waiting somewhere. Now I don’t mind waiting. It makes following blogs a snap!

Third, put a little "followers" widget in your side bar. I love when I go to a site and see this. If I want to check back later, I just have to click "follow this blog" and I can follow through easily on Reader.

Fourth, a great blogger, over at If You Give a Mom a Moment, gave me this hint a long time ago. In your profile, if you add your email, then when you comment, the blogger can just email you back. I love it when people do that because I can respond personally to their comments.

Lastly is scheduling. Now I actually don't know if this is a major blogging etiquette faux pas or not, but it makes my life easier. Usually, my creativity comes in waves. I get a thought I want to write about. It then leads to another and another. I can go for days with all sorts of ideas and then NOTHING. ZIP. ZILCH. So, instead of having gaps where I don't blog for days at a time. I write everything on my mind at once. Usually it doesn't take me very long when I am feeling creative. Then I post them on my blog but change the date to a future date, so it becomes SCHEDULED to post. This keeps me from having three on one day and nothing for a week. Usually, my posts and writers block end at the same time and then I am ready to go again. And of course time sensitive posts get priority.

So there you have it… My favorite little blogging tricks. Use them wisely, they will bring you joy!


Beth said...

great ideas..thanks! My oldest dd has been telling me about those google things and I have never tried them... so now I know I should! thanks

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I will def have to check these out! I use my phone to check blogs a good bit of the time too, but this would really speed things up!
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day (whether you're Irish or not).

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

cool tips, thanks!!

Jillene said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

Fiauna said...

Thanks for the tips, since I feel like a blogging novice still. I think I'm going to have to start writing mine as drafts and publish later. My inspiration, too, comes in waves. Also, I am lousy and grammar and spelling and should proofread every post at least ten times. I'm working on it.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I have you to help with the emailing thing - I LOVE it. And I've only been "scheduling" posts for about a month now and don't know how I survived without it!

nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks for the great tips...anything that gives me more blogging time is a beautiful thing!!

S'mee said...

Google Reader is fabulous.

Bee and Rose said...

Fantastic tips!!! I just started using the Google reader!