Friday, January 16, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

There are few sounds as heavenly to me as the sound of children laughing. Not just a little laugh, but the kind of laugh that reaches from their very toes.

A laugh so alive that to not release it, the poor child would burst. A laugh that makes you smile to hear it and cry to think about later.

Every once and a while, when the combined chaos of a full house aligns just right with the cheerfulness of siblings, it results in this kind of laughter.

As my mom would say, “Once in a Blue Moon”

I sit back and think “This is why I had all these children” And for a brief moment, I feel heaven close by. I feel peace.

I am so grateful for those little moments. Those contagious laughing spells. I am grateful that my children, when the fighting is done, can giggle and laugh together. So hard that it gives B the hiccups.

Those are the days that keep me going.

No one can take that from me. Even if the laughing moments end in rug burns and ripped shirts. Soon reality comes back, and I remember those sweet moments.

(BTW, I have no connection to the people in this video, other than it is one of my favorites)



Tink said...

What a fun video and post! I love-love-love listening to the laughter of children. One of my fave memories this last summer at our family reunion was of all of the nieces and nephews and our kids staying up late playing games and laughter was booming through the condo. I'd pause to just listen to their laughter. Happy Friday to you!

stACEy♫ said...

giggles from toddlers are the best!

Heatherly said...

I love it when Carson laughs like that nothing better!

That Girl in Brazil said...

If I was a tatooing woman, I'd get this post permanantely etched into me.

in time out said...

super funny. thanks for sharing.

in time out said...

had to come back to show my husband. thanks for the laugh.

in time out said...

thanks for the idea about the mailbox for Jesus...yes. that is wonderful. love and hugs ♥ said...

This is soooo sweet!