Sunday, November 2, 2008


OK -- my baby sister tagged me. I know she really isn't a baby any more, but I can't stop saying that.

I have to tell the whole world 7 random things about myself. As if I didn't have enough posts that gave WAY to much information already. This is my first tag in the blogging world, so here goes:

1. I have a freckle inside my left pinky toe.

2. I love the Disney movies and Disney "type"... not the animated ones, the ones that are made for teenagers. You know, the real cheesy ones. I have been to known to even cry at a couple of them. Yup -- pathetic.

3. I hate toothpaste. I only use it because I have to. I think it is so disgusting -- so foamy and slurpy. YUCK. Hubby brushes our kids teeth.

4. I slept with a stuff elephant until I got married and it was replaced by my sweetheart.

5. Once, when I was preggy with my first child, I woke up wet. Sure that my water had broken, we hurried into Labor and Delivery. My "water" was just fine. So humiliating.

6. I have to pull my hair over my ears while I sleep so spiders don't crawl in them. I can't sleep if my ears are uncovered. I guess I will never have short hair.

7. I make faces at security cameras. ATMS, elevators. Where ever I see them (and when I am alone) I can't help my self.

I am not going to tag the "typical" way. Consider your self tagged if: You live in a different state than you were born in, your hair needs to be cut, you were glasses, you are in your PJS right now, you sing in the car while you drive, you haven't laughed today, or if you ate a banana today.


S'mee said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! This tag is interesting! For years I thought I was allergic to toothpaste because it always gave me a big clown smile, you know big huge red lips that go over the actual lip and onto your cheeks, yeah, great. Now I just use water. Our RDH daughter says toothpaste is nice, but not necessary if it makes you feel better.

And also to make you feel better, I always talk to the cameras too. Show them the empty wallet that needs cash, dance, finger shadow puppet show, whatever. (even when I'm not alone...I need therapy)

Shauna said...

Love the way you tagged people on this post! It's fun to add some spice to life :)

Erin said...

I was tagged by heather as well and find that I fall into almost all of your categories as well! I must need to get better at my "tag" skills!